The Regenerative Tee 2.0- UltraLight, Quick-Dry N Odorless

At the onset of the first warm days, we want to substitute the body with sunlight and a light breeze! Fresh air is needed not only our lungs. Our skin is the second respiratory organ. During the day it displays 700-800 grams of water vapor, 2 times more than the lungs!

The skin is the organ of the human body, which first comes into contact with the air. The air does not reach the lungs so quickly. Yogis can hold their breath for a long time and breathe very rarely precisely because they have extremely developed skin breathing, which in certain trainings largely replaces breathing with lungs! But if the body is placed in a poisonous environment where the skin cannot breathe, the pores will be clogged with poisons, and any living creature dies in these conditions.

Air enters the lungs through the entire respiratory system. Through the skin it comes directly. Of course, if you take off your clothes. But you can keep your clothes on if it's the most breathable Tee Regenerative 2.0.

8 advantages of The Regenerative Tee 2.0

1-2. The breathability and the removal of moisture. The fabric of the t-shirt has a special system of capillaries, opening the air access to the skin and evaporating any moisture from the skin.

3. The most advanced deodorizing fabric coating – Polygiene. All bacterias, passing through the fabric of the t-shirt, die because of this permanent anti-odor finish, and do not multiply on the surface of the t-shirt, creating an unpleasant smell.

4-5. The wear resistance and convenience. Merrow® seams are 30% stronger and 100% stretchier then conventional seams. They are super soft and durable at the same time. With them, you are not threatened by rubbing the skin, which is possible with seams of poor quality. Raglan sleeves additionally protect from rubbing the skin.  This cut eliminates the possibility that the seam will be under the strap of the backpack. The stretchable and light fabric is not felt on the body.

6. The extraordinary lightness of our products. This is achieved by using ultra-fine yarn. The weight of 1 square meter of such yarn is only 120 grams. Because of this, the weight of our t-shirts is only 49-69 grams.

7. Compactness (packable size 6 x 11,5 cm).

8. Our products are recyclable. We recycle about 10 plastic water bottles to get one of our t-shirts. It uses 90 % less water and 53 % less energy than the production of t-shirts from unprocessed plastic. In addition, the atmosphere receives 54.6 % less carbon dioxide. The main raw materials in the production of plastic — oil and natural gas. Both are non-renewable natural resources, so statistically, one ton of recycled plastic will save 700 kg of oil.

Take care of our planet together with SEADON

Our goal is to create a healthy planet. Many clothing manufacturers produce fabrics with unknown and toxic chemicals using non-renewable resources. Their products are becoming a burden to our planet. But our high-functional equipment reduces the pollution of the Earth. You will help your home planet if you make a choice in favor of gear produced from renewable resources!