The Only 4-in-1 Chair That Converts To A Cart || OME Gear

<p>Everyone is familiar with the toys called Transformers.&nbsp;Children love these toys that can be "transformed" with a just a few flicks of their wrists from a superhero to the spaceship he flies in or from a race car to an army tank. Now we have a Transformer for adults.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Unique New Product</h4>
<p>This new travel idea quickly transforms itself with a just a few flicks of your wrists into a variety of useful items to help make it easier to carry all that stuff we drag to the beach, on picnics or to an outdoor concert. What is this magical product?</p>
<h4>It's <strong>THE WANDER</strong></h4>
<p>the new foldable, collapsible, easy to store invention that we will look at and say: "now why didn't I think of that?".&nbsp;</p>
<p>Imagine that you are going to the beach with the family or friends and the back of your SUV or trunk of your car is full of all the "stuff" we all drag across the parking lot and sandy beach until we find that perfect spot. We drag out the ice chest, beach umbrellas, blankets, folding chairs until everyone is loaded down with something and the kids are running around.</p>
<p>How much easier it would be if we had brought a wagon or wheelbarrow or some way to roll everything instead of having to carry it all! However, those things are all too big and just add to the clutter in the back of the car or truck.</p>
<h4>Now we have this new invention</h4>
<p><strong>THE WANDERR</strong>. A revolutionary new product: a foldable, collapsable invention that transforms from a small, flat, easily stored package to, first of all, a wheeled cart like a mover's dolly that you can load up with all this stuff in order to smoothly roll it across the parking lot out onto the beach, picnic area or lawn concert.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>When you get to your destination</h4>
<p>You unloaded everything and a quick flick of your wrists and <strong>THE WANDERR&nbsp;</strong>is transformed into a comfortable beach chair. There are even two height adjustments so you can sit up high or down close to the sand. It also has two different sized wheels so you can have larger wheels to help roll it through sand. Later, you want to stretch out a little another quick transformation turns it into a lounge chair and then when you are ready for a nap it can instantly change to a flat cot for that afternoon snooze at the beach.</p>
<h4>When it's time to leave</h4>
<p>It quickly transforms back to the easy to use wheeled cart ready to pack up and carry everything back to the car. What could be simpler than using the revolutionary <strong>WANDERR?</strong> Another one of those products to help make our lives easier. Buy two so you and your friend, partner, spouse can also have a great, comfortable chair, lounger, cot and help make carrying twice as easy.</p>
<h4>Visit our website</h4>
<p>On our website, you can see a demonstration of how easy and convenient this super new invention, <strong>THE WANDERER,&nbsp;</strong>will be for you. This is surely the hot new leisure and vacation product for the new year. Order now to have yours for the upcoming beach season of 2019</p>