The Flare | Heated Shirt With 3X Phone Charging

<p>When the cold season is present in the area where we live, some of our daily routines begin to change, usually, those related to clothing, food and especially, some outdoor activities, such as for example: physical and/or sports activities.</p>
<h4>Considering the precautions</h4>
<p>Naturally, we take the necessary precautions to avoid being adversely affected by the cold; however, <em>how many of our favorite activities do we stop doing because the cold gets in our way? Are you one of those who no longer goes out jogging in the morning (and much less at night) because the cold prevents you from leaving your bed or your house? Do you get tired or bored that in order to go out to work out or to do your purchases in the supermarket, you have to wear as an Eskimo at the artic Pole?</em></p>
<p>If your answers to these questions have been a resounding YES, you are missing a lot outside and you are in risk to fall into a sedentarism life so, imagine for a moment the ideal product for you continue your outdoor activities without to worry for the cold:&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p>&bull; <em>It must be light</em>. You do not want to wear a garment that adds weight to move and make you look fat.</p>
<p>&bull; <em>It must have built-in heating</em>. That way you will not have to worry about the cold.</p>
<p>&bull; <em>It must be oxygenated.</em> Your goal is to keep warm wearing that garment, not to sweat like pork in the oven when moving with it.</p>
<p>&bull; <em>It must be technologically functional</em>. Imagine that this product allows you to carry your cell phone with you in your pocket and be able to charge your battery at the same time.&nbsp;</p>
<p>&bull; <em>It must be washed in the washing machine.</em> Or do you want to wash by hand?</p>
<h4>The ideal product comes true…</h4>
<p>You dreamed of it and you got it, the ideal product is already a reality! It's called <em>The Flare</em> and is a shirt that brings together the following characteristics:</p>
<p>&bull; It is thermal. The heating system can last up to 5 hours.</p>
<p>&bull; It has a 5000mAh power bank and a charger integrated into its pocket. You will not be lack of battery in the middle of nowhere nor will you have to carry more accessories than necessary.</p>
<p>&bull; It is made of polyester and spandex. No more sticky sweat for you.</p>
<p>&bull; It is washed in a washing machine and dries quickly. Ready to use again.</p>
<p>&bull; It is available in the size you need, whether you are male or female. It goes from size XS to XXL, in the case of women.</p>
<p>And if that were not enough, its creators are so convinced of how good the product is that they offer you a 01-year guarantee and if you are not satisfied with the result of the shirt within 30 days after purchasing it, your money will be returned.</p>
<p>Do not give up your favorite activities because of the cold, The Flare is here to help you continue.</p>