TAP PRO – The Most Advanced Translation Earphone

The FITO Tap Pro could make travelling to foreign lands so much easier. This portable, real-time voice translation earphone allows you to converse like a local in more than 30 different languages. How cool is that?

Imagine yourself at a little canteen in Budapest, one of those underground ones, off the tourist track. It’s busy and bound to be good (sure smells like it!), yet today’s menu is written only in Hungarian. The old lady behind the counter speaks no English, and you have no idea if that succulent-looking dish over there is the Újházy tyúkhúsleves or the Túrós csusza. That’s when you speak into your new device.

What are they eating? Mit esznek?

Ez a túrós csusza szalonnával. That’s cottage cheese pasta with bacon.

Oh yes, we’ll take two of those please! Ó, igen, szeretnénk kett?!

Next thing you know, you’re savouring exactly what you wanted. You’ve even impressed the guys at the table next to yours, who, with the help of your translation device, have offered to show you around the city.

What exactly is the FITO Tap Pro?

It’s a great way to communicate. It includes two top-of-the-line earphones in an intelligent case that’s smaller than a smartphone. And if you join the product’s fundraising campaign now, you can get the whole translation package for less than 100 euros.

What makes this translator so special?

The translator can also be used as regular earphones, which support stereo music and phone calls, combining speaker, amplifier and graphic equalizer into a chip the size of a thumbnail. These earphones come with the leading Microsoft Translator API smartphone app, which handles conversions between two languages in real-time. Top technology captures the context of full sentences, offering fluent, human-sounding translations, so don’t be shy next time you have something to say.

Built-in speakers that cut out background noise

The four microphones from the two earphones in the charging case pick up sound with optimal accuracy. The system uses a noise cancelling technology that can pick out your voice from a noisy background. If you’re in a train station or on a busy street corner, for example, your voice can still be heard clearly by the person on the other end.

A sensory device that stays charged for a long time

The Bluetooth 5.0 earphones can sense when they’re taken out of your ears, at which point they pause whatever you’re listening to and go into power saving mode. This way you’re using less power and increasing your battery life. Get one hour of listening by charging your set for ten minutes, and up to 24 hours of music playback with a full charge.

Resistant and easy to use

You can control your music and calls by simply tapping on the earphone. What’s more, FITO Tap Pro can handle a bit of grit, dust and sweat, so don’t be afraid to take it out next time you’re in a humid country like Brazil, India, or Vietnam. You can now chat with the locals in complete confidence.