SOFF Blanket – World's SOFTEST Blanket

<p>Picture this: It's the end of the day. The room is cold. The lights are dimmed. You're done with the day's work. Your favorite show is on TV. You're in bed, in pajamas, rolled in a soft blanket softer than a bear or a big, fluffy dog after a visit at the pet salon.</p>
<p>We know you've been dreaming of this. The ultimate alone-quiet-time experience.</p>
<p>Luckily, the world's softest blanket is here. SOFF Blanket guarantees you the best blanket experience you will ever have. Warning: you might not want to take it off. It might let you stay in bed longer than ever.</p>
<h4>It doesn't use animal fur.</h4>
<p>Sure, it's as soft as a bear, but no animals were harmed in the manufacturing of SOFF Blanket. Other furry products are known to use animal fur to achieve their authenticity and to reach a level of quality that luxury brands have to offer. That's not SOFF's process, though, because it's all synthetic, proving that you don't need to harm a cute little furry friend's life to achieve luxuriousness.</p>
<p>You will feel no guilt finding warmth in this blanket. If you're a burrito, you'll be a vegan burrito.</p>
<h4>It stays soft and fluffy.</h4>
<p>In the making of SOFF Blanket, the company made sure that it's durable–that the fluff never ends. Unlike other synthetic blankets that loses the quality of their microfiber over time, SOFF Blanket will not shed lints or pull threads. It will stay as soft as brand new even after a thousand laundry days.</p>
<p>You can cuddle inside this blanket from years on end. Through watching movies alone to finding someone special to possible heartbreaks and making up, SOFF Blanket will be there for you. Still as soft as ever.</p>
<h4>SOFF Blanket is lightweight.</h4>
<p>Most fluffy blankets are heavy, causing them to be suffocating. This gives a mixed feeling of comfort and discomfort, and this often leads to a bad, interrupted sleep. Instead of sleeping properly in the solace of a blanket, you get the complete opposite.</p>
<p>SOFF Blanket is light and soft, like a cloud. It will brush your skin smoothly, and it will feel like a breeze passing your skin. Problem solved. The best sleep of your life is guaranteed.</p>
<h4>All these is because SOFF uses cutting-edge technology.</h4>
<p>The company uses Draw Textured Yarn, a technology from Korea that allows their blankets to feel like heaven. Draw Textured Yarn is made of 192 ultra-thin and durable threads twisted together to produce SOFF's microfibers. These threads are so thin that it is 100 times thinner than hair.</p>
<p>Aside from that, they also use the Tricot Knitting Method that ensures every fiber is closely joined with each other, leaving no room for wears and tears and tugs. This is the secret behind a durable blanket that never wears out. These are the secrets to this cottony soft blanket.</p>
<p>A good blanket is an investment. It lets you achieve a certain level of comfort that sometimes couldn't be achieved by another person's warmth and embrace. Sometimes, it's good to be alone, enjoying your own company with the softest blanket you will ever come to know.</p>