SKYLIGHT – ITravel Smart Passport Wallet

<p>There are few things more thrilling than arriving at the airport for your first solo travel trip. The bustling airport, luggage flying around, the beeping lights of the security gates, and latecomers racing through the terminal to get to their flight… everyone is starting their own exciting journey, and you are one of them. But while travelling can be the most life-changing experience, it comes with its own stresses that can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you're travelling solo.</p>
<p>As someone who travelled solo for a year in South America, hopping from airport to airport, one of the most stressful things I experienced was keeping track of all my important papers, credit cards and phone, while navigating the maze of foreign international airports. The SKYLIGHT iTravel Smart Passport Wallet offers the perfect solution to this by taking care of the key issues that can escalate stress levels at the airport:</p>
<h4>Everything in one place</h4>
<p>Keeping track of your important documents, money, credit cards, and phone in an airport can be a serious challenge, especially when they are all loose. Then, while carrying hand-luggage, a jacket, earphones and all the other bits and pieces that make a good flight, you're forced to pull out your boarding pass and passport at the boarding gate and keep track of everything else at the same time. The SKYLIGHT iTravel Smart Passport Wallet helps minimize any complication in these situations by allowing you to put your boarding pass, passport, credit cards, cash and phone all in one, compact space, meaning you can keep your eyes on only one thing instead of 5 different ones. Say goodbye to all those "where's my boarding pass?!" panic moments!</p>
<p>Airports are crowded and unpredictable places, and if you're in a foreign country you never know what to expect, especially in terms of crime. The SKYLIGHT travel wallet is one step ahead with RFID-protected card holders, meaning credit card scammers can't "tap" your credit card while you're not looking! On top of this, you can tuck your foreign cash away in a hidden sleeve. Your passports and travel documents will be extra safe too, allowing you to keep an eye on them easily.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Keeping your phone charged</h4>
<p>While these days pretty much all airports are equipped with phone charging ports, a full airport means that sometimes it's difficult to find one that you can occupy comfortably without having to sit on the floor next to it. The SKYLIGHT Passport Wallet takes care of this inconvenience by holding an almost razor-slim, built-in power-bank that can recharge a Smartphone TWICE over! That way, you can always have a charging point right in your lap whenever you need it… no more sitting on the floor to charge your phone or stressing about having no battery-life to organise yourself when you arrive in a foreign country.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>On-hand pen</h4>
<p>Ever had that moment when its time to sign customs forms, and you don't have a pen? You'd think they would offer pens on the planes by now, but alas we still have to fight it out begging, borrowing and stealing just to tick a couple of boxes. The SKYLIGHT iTravel Smart Passport Wallet&nbsp;saves the day once again, as it comes with its own steel premium pen that fits perfectly in its own little sleeve inside the wallet. No more having to scratch around in your bag to find your pen, or beg the stranger next to you to borrow theirs.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>