SilverSocks – The Cleanest Crew Socks In The World

<p>Introducing SilverSocks Crew, the new addition to the Cleanest Socks in the World family. Thanks to the feedback and popular demand from the lovers of the original SilverSocks, the world's cleanest no-show sock, a crew length version has been created. SilverSocks Crew has all of the awesome original SilverSocks features but with more coverage in a traditional crew style sock with the length extending to mid-calf.</p>
<h4>Why are they the cleanest socks in the World?</h4>
<p>It is the silver in SilverSocks that makes them the cleanest socks in the world. The 25% silver yarn is precisely interlaced with the three other fibers; cotton, nylon, and spandex. The silver is the anti-bacterial and anti-odor element that keeps the wearers' feet free from smells and germs by sterilizing over 650 types of bacterial while the socks are being worn.&nbsp; Silver has been used for hundreds of years to kill harmful bacteria. From ship captains tossing coins in barrels to keep the water fresh to modern day hospitals stocking bandages which carry traces of silver to keep wounds clean. The power of silver to fight bacteria is miraculous.</p>
<h4>How does silver stop my feet from smelling?</h4>
<p>It works because silver particles let off a charge and this breaks down the bacterial cells, irreversibly damaging key enzymes. The SilverSocks wearer no longer has to feel self-conscious about foot odor.&nbsp;</p>
<p>My foot odor has been so bad in the past that I have had to leave an entire wardrobe of shoes in the garage for fear that my whole house will be filled with the unbearable smell and my family and guests be exposed to my embarrassing secret. I have struggled on holidays between hikes and visiting exotic temples in hot steamy tropical Asian countries, no one wants to smell sweaty feet, not even Buddha!</p>
<p>But now I don't have to worry about this anymore. I always travel with SilverSocks and now the SilverSocks Crew length will be a perfect addition for under long pants or when I am training or hiking. It is more important than ever to manage foot odor when traveling as suitcases and backpacks can pick up and transfer smells easily and fellow passengers have enough to contend with without the distraction of my smelly feet.</p>
<h4>SilverSocks are full of features</h4>
<p>The features in SilverSocks Crew aren't limited to the miracle of odor-free feet. The unisex SilverSocks design, made for everyone also has built-in heat regulation with breathable vented mesh panels that wicks away sweat and allows your feet to breathe and stay dry. The temperature modulation ensures that in very cold or hot weather the climatic conditions of your feet stay constant. On the Crew style SilverSock the circulation cuff is never too tight or too loose so no pinching of skin and painful indents at the end of the day or annoying scrunched up wrinkly socks as you go about your business.</p>
<p>For comfort and durability, SilverSocks Crew comes with a reinforced heel giving your sock strength where it needs it the most. You will enjoy a cushioned sole achieved by layering the super soft twill cotton for supporting the base of your foot creating a walking on clouds experience every time you wear a pair.</p>
<p>I love my SilverSocks Crew, in three colors; black, royal blue and light space grey for both men and women every wardrobe should be stocked with some SilverSocks.</p>