SHIELD: Hardcover Backpack For Daily And Dynamic Activities

Be it amidst nature or inside the urban jungle, one thing is for certain: protecting your things and bringing them along with you in an effective, efficient, and stylish way is a must.


SHIELD: Your Partner in Crime

The Jerrybag SHIELD Hardshell Backpack is your partner in crime. With 13 different compartments, it's easy to keep all the things you bring with you in order. It combines hardcore protection features with various effective storage strategies. Not to mention SHIELD also has a 10-liter expandable feature that brings up its capacity up to 25 liters, making it suitable for an everyday lightweight backpack (the bag itself only weighs 1.6 pounds) or a good alternative for a carry on bag for long travels and road trips. Also, it has a handle strap on the lower back side so hooking it on the handle of your suitcase on wheels is possible and easy. Worried that the capacity might be too much that it will break? Think again. Because its primary material is made of an ultra-high strength ABS polycarbonate, the SHIELD backpack is practically a literal modern-day armor shield. This feature makes it look almost like a more compact and portable suitcase. With this, all your things, even your more sensitive or fragile items can be protected inside. It also includes a chest strap for added security despite the hardcover that your basic kitchen knife won't be able to pierce.  Its hardshell provides enough security not only from theft or other malicious external intentions but also from the elements because it uses water repellent fabric. 


Accessibility Features

Despite having all these features that aid to your protection and security needs even on dynamic days, the SHIELD backpack provides accessibility in all the right ways. On the top, there is an easy access pocket that could store all your go-to or often used items such as your mobile phone, your wallet, ID cards, or glasses. On the side, the backpack also has a somewhat hidden bottle pocket on the side that is accessible via a zipper. The elastic lining inside makes it possible to carry your water bottle or your umbrella. 


Basic but Brilliant

The SHIELD backpack can handle most of your basic needs and necessary items for travel. There are two main compartments: on the back side are fully padded compartments that are ideal for laptops, and other gadgets and their accessories; while on the front, the larger compartment is spacious and very similar to the inside of a large suitcase. Complete with an elastic secure strap inside and several pockets, it is ideal for clothes and basic travel necessities but it can also be used for various everyday work items. Additionally, even with all these features already, the backside of the backpack helps keep you fresh despite a dynamic day because of its air mesh waist protection feature. 


So whether or not you're more of the travel all around the world and explore type, the daily work and grind young professional, or even if your a free-spirited and on-the-go skateboarder, the SHIELD Multi-Purpose Hardshell Backpack is your modern day armor for dynamic day-to-day life.