PLUVI — A Revolutionary Umbrella As Never Seen Before.

The history of the umbrella is very ancient even if we do not exactly know the origin, but it has been always associated to the Asian noble classes and has become a symbol of style for those who could permit it; today instead the modern society removed it as a symbol of wealth and become more practically an object to repair from the water, but does not mean that it must be banal.

The revolution until Pluvi

Try to think the most common negative aspects associated with the use of the umbrella:

Not always large enough to repair from the water, a wind too strong risks to damaging its structure that as it is metallic becomes a high-eye arms, it gets stuck in the less appropriate time and decreases its utility, but what too often happening is to forget it or lose and for this we will find us to buy an enormous number of umbrellas too many times purchase in front of the stations or anywhere without paying too much attention to the quality, but we base only on the necessity of the moment.

Choosing Pluvi permit to avoid all that and will confirm the choice of who uses the umbrella as an indispensable accessory for water and sun and will convince who instead prefers to take the rain, because the concept behind this product is to be unforgettable and a pleasure to bring with it.

From umbrella to useful rainbow

When we speak of umbrellas, there are two groups of people: who wants to be ready for everything and also takes it with the serene sky and who, instead, challenge the destiny because it is bothersome to have something between hands; from today there will be only one group of people: who uses Pluvi!

Behind the idea of Pluvi there are 4 years of studying and research that allowed to arrive at a product that respects every single detail request from an umbrella:

  • Innovating material for the main structure and the canvas

  • Flexible and very hard to broken

  • Lightweight and very compact

  • 100% recycle

  • UV protection

  • Stormproof

  • Big coverture from the rain

No particular has been throughout, not even the design that has Italian impression and selected colors for every season.

Travel with Pluvi around the world

Beyond using Pluvi for short trips in weekend or during afternoons between a thousand commitments, this innovative object is indicated for travelers who leave at the first occasion without control the weather and are always ready for adventure or more simply to take a last minute for the rainy London and do shopping.

Pluvi could become your best friend during travels on the road for the world, even if you are wanting to go to the tropics and face a cooking sun or the Monson period, so the mission of Pluvi is to become unforgettable and face every condition.

We are sure of the quality that Pluvi has and that expresses in each of the details that make its structure and its design if we can imagine a possible buyer, we believe that even Mary Poppins would be interested, but with Pluvi does not fly, you travel!