Pacum – Multi-functional, Handheld Vacuum & Air Pumping

<p>Pacum, multi-functional, handheld vacuum is a portable and effective pump for removing air from vacuum bags. It can help you save space in your bag when traveling, by doubling the space in your suitcase, making space-efficient packing a freeze. Pacum vacuum is just the size of an iPhone X but the most powerful air-pumping device in the world. It can compress items 25%&nbsp; more than other types of vacuum and four times faster. It can compress a vac bag of clothes in just a minute, can be taken anywhere as an important traveling device.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Besides compressing and pumping air out, Pacum can also pump in the air.&nbsp; So if you are going out for a picnic on a beach or chilling out by the poolside, you will need Pacum to push air into you inflatables. When your kids want to play, they need to blow up the balls, Pacum comes handy for you to do that. Even if you already have some vacuum bags at home, there is nothing to worry about, Pacum comes with brand new vacuum bags &amp; accessories also equipped with 'Padaptor' which can make your existing vacuum bags compatible with Pacum.</p>
<h4>Why You Need Pacum</h4>
<p>We know how important it is for you to get all your accessories gathered together when you travel and how convenient it will be to have all your personal effects packed in one suitcase. But you need to manage the space inside your vac bag effectively to accommodate all you need for your trip, this is where Pacum comes in. You do not need to worry about what will and will not fit into your suitcase or whether you will be able to pack up all the items. Pacum automatic has an intelligent design that is very easy to use.</p>
<p>It comes with panel lights that indicate the function setting.</p>
<p>It enables you to double your packing in just one minute.</p>
<p>Pacum pumps stop automatically when pumping is completed.</p>
<p>It comes with two modes; 'eco-mode and super-mode'.</p>
<p>It is compatible, adaptable and portable.</p>
<p>It comes with a 'Padaptor' that makes existing vacuum bags compatible with Pacum.</p>
<h4>How Pacum Handheld Vacuum Works</h4>
<p>Pacum bag offers you protection when traveling, it can keep all your used clothes vac-packed away from odor and bacterias. It can compress different types of bags, such as food storage bags, Pacum bag and all other brands of vacuum bags.</p>
<p>All you need to do is, plug it into the power source to start, the eco-mode is for compressing food storage bags, use the super-mode to finish the process with a Pacum bag in just one minute. You can start this process and continue doing other things, Pacum has an intelligent design that enables it to stop automatically when compressing is completed. It has a one-handed operation, that can double the capacity of your language and allows you control of your own space.</p>
<p>You can power your Pacum just by plugging it to the power source using your wall charger or power bank.</p>
<p>There is a need to keep things tidy and organized when you travel, this is why you need Pacum to help you sort and arrange your personal effects. You can actually save some money and limit excess language using this powerful device.</p>