Open Water Nomad, Color Plastic Water Fruit Infusion Bottle

<p>Keeping ourselves hydrated is crucial. When you are in the office or at home, this task is easier to accomplish. However, if you are a frequent traveler or stick to the digital nomad's lifestyle, then a healthy diet and proper hydration require more control. Open Water Nomad, specializing in connecting everyone with a great time outdoors, introduced a plastic <strong>water fruit infusion bottle</strong>, which will allow you to keep up with your water intake with natural vitamins anywhere in style.</p>
<h4>How does an infuser bottle work?</h4>
<p>For those of you who might not know, infuser bottles were designed to infuse fruits with liquid. Usually, this kind of bottle has a separate section for holding fruit. In the Open Water Nomad infusion bottle, the section for fruit is at the bottom. You will need a few seconds to place an orange, lemon or any other fruit of your choice in the special cup, add water and enjoy your healthy, sugar-free refreshing drink. The sign on the bottle "Drink more water" won't let you forget to keep yourself hydrated.</p>
<h4>Why should you buy the Open Water Nomad water fruit infusion bottle?</h4>
<p>At least for 4 reasons:</p>
<p>First, it is very convenient. Any nomad and/or traveler understands the importance of lightweight convenient items. This stainless steel infuser water bottle is easy to carry around, it doesn't take much space and you can enjoy your drink as long as the flavor is still present. It will easily fit in your backpack pocket or bike bottle holder.</p>
<p>Secondly, the environment was taken into consideration and this means a lot. The bottle is made of biodegradable plastic (PC). Polycarbonate is also famous with its high level of heat&nbsp;resistance. PC type of plastic can be recycled and produced again in an eco-friendly way.</p>
<p>Thirdly, it is stylish. 650 ml. bottle comes in different colors (blue, orange, white, black, red) and awesome design to match your outfit, style preferences, mood or even the fruit.</p>
<p>Finally, it will save you money. Today on the market there are numerous expensive brands for flavored water. Are you willing to pay that much money for just a bottle of water? With Open Water Nomad fruit infusion bottle, you can change the flavor by placing the fruit of your choice and it costs you nothing.</p>
<h4>How to take care of your fruit infusion bottle</h4>
<p>Any product serves longer if properly taken care of. Therefore, note down some tips which will help you to take your favorite bottle to multiple trips and adventures.</p>
<li>A plastic bottle shall be used only for cold water</li>
<li>Clean it on a daily basis</li>
<li>Keep it properly in a pocket of your backpack or a special bottle holder</li>
<p>Above might sound simple, but this is all it takes to stretch the lifetime of the product.</p>
<p>If you are thinking of buying a water bottle for travel, Open Water Nomad is the right place. Combining creativity, design, and quality, the shop offers travel essentials, apparel, and outdoor gear. Besides, the shipping worldwide is FREE.</p>