Norrland Parka – World's Best Winter Coat With 20+ Features

<p>I do not even know where to start this time. It is just a WOW kind of thing. I am on the move a lot, so I absolutely love everything that makes my life easier and still looks good. Coming from a cold country a good winter coat can change everything.&nbsp;</p>
<p>After all of those years, I finally found the perfect winter coat for every situation.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The Norrland Parka – I am officially in love with it.</p>
<h4>Basic information / Design</h4>
<p>Let&acute;s start with the most obvious information – the design and looks of it. Norrland Parka comes in two different design for men and women – there is an Expedition and a Nova Version available, they both contain the same equipment – it is really just a different front design. In addition, you can order your Parka in different colors to match your personal taste.</p>
<p>Moving on the Parka is produced with cozy white duck down, but for me, more importantly, the fur is not real, it is faux fur and even better can be removed completely from all Parkas.</p>
<p>Moreover, the Parka is waterproof and wind resistant – two very important features if you want to see those ice-bears in real life and it was designed above the arctic circle, so they know what they are talking about – it holds you warm until -30-degree Celsius!&nbsp;</p>
<p>And as we are talking about Swedish quality design, there is a 10 warranty on your Norrland Parka and free shipping worldwide.&nbsp;</p>
<p>In my opinion that would already seal the deal – but it is still so much better.</p>
<h4>Gadgets and Special Features&nbsp;</h4>
<p>- specific pockets for your tablet, phone, glasses, passport etc. I mean if you are like me and a confused person you still end up putting things in random pockets, but it is good to have a lot of those,</p>
<p>- every Parka has a secret pocket that is individually designed for every coat – So only you (and fair enough probably the producers) know where it is – still awesome idea.</p>
<p>- it has a built-in scarf and a pocket for your hat in the hood – here I come back to confused people, that gadget really helps.</p>
<p>- continuing on the pocket features (I did not even know there were so many options) but the Norrland Parka has specific extra warm hand warming pockets – paradise! Finally, someone who understands my problems, in addition, the Parka also comes with gloves in glove's pocket.</p>
<p>- now the technical side: the Norrland Parka contains a built-in power bank to charge your phone while hiking and has its own WIFI hotspot to always be connected. That definitely is a game changer.</p>
<p>- Furthermore, the Norrland Parka also contains a keychain with a carabiner, that also includes a bottle opener, a flashlight, and a whistle.&nbsp;</p>
<p>From beer emergencies to real emergencies the Norrland Parka has you covered with high-quality material that will keep you warm and dry and really lives up to the needs of today. You can stay connected and still enjoy the raw wilderness.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Come on, get yourself a Norrland Parka and greet those ice-bears for me!</p>