NEWEEX:The Ultimate All-In-One Travel Backpack & Laptop Case

<p>I started travelling since I was twenty and I have to say that, even if I was blessed with meeting only good people and not getting into trouble much, I have got robbed twice and learned my lesson. It is not comforting to admit that part of it was my fault and it did not take much to realise that. A big part of the lesson is definitely the backpack and of course, a wise place where I could secure my belongings. For this reason, investing in a practical, functional backpack is a good idea!</p>
<h4>Smart and secure</h4>
<p>I am a freelance writer so throughout my travels I have had to carry my laptop. This has posed a lot of problems since I have always ended up with one more handbag&nbsp; – therefore making me a bit uncomfortable ( I don't enjoy busying my hands with anything – just me heheh). Having a backpack which allows you to store your laptop safely – is a definite must if you want to not be sorry later.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Practical and organized</h4>
<p>While space is something relative – depends on each of us what are our priorities and how many – the fact is that you would want your backpack to be water resistant so that you don't have to worry for the weather. Then comes the organized part. I am often in the position of looking for my passport in my lunchbox since I cannot find it anywhere – so those hidden pockets and compartments have been a great solution for my mess. This is also a good way to keep them safe.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Comfort and design</h4>
<p>Last but not least – there is comfort. A good backpack should definitely keep your back and shoulders relaxed so that at the end of the day you won't be grinding your teeth of pain and soreness. Therefore, a well-fitted backpack should make you feel light and eager to carry on. And I have to say that there is nothing more demotivating than an uncomfortable backpack. On the other hand, I can say I am not too specific on the design, yet if you do, there are dozens of designs and colours you could choose from. Please do still make sure that the material should is a durable and good quality one.</p>
<h4>Travelling has never been easier!</h4>
<p>I must say that these days, travelling is so much easier. Every time I am browsing in an airport waiting for my flight I am shocked to see how many different gadgets are out there in relation to travelling. I personally am more simple and old-school, however, I will go wild for a good backpack.</p>
<p>Considering all the above, I have to say that there are a few options on the market to choose from. Some offer less, some offer more, however, if you wish to start exploring your options, do check out Neweex – an all in one, practical and uniquely designed backpack. Shopping is always a pleasure when it comes to getting ready for your next getaway – so good luck and enjoy!</p>