Most Advanced Insulation: LoftTek Adventure Jacket

The company Outdoor Vitals has prepared a pleasant surprise for all who love to spend their time outdoors. Spend less on gear and more on empowering your journey! Ultra-light LoftTek™ Adventure jacket surpasses the parameters of premium products, that works in any weather, lasted longer and provided better outdoor experiences. But the price of our jacket is 2-3 times lower!

LoftTek™ Adventure jackets – clothes for everyone

Throughout its history, mankind has preferred to wear long outerwear. Universal popularity jacket began to win in the early XX century when the first cars appeared. In long clothes, it was inconvenient to drive a car.

Now it is difficult to find a person who does not have this type of clothing in the wardrobe. A good jacket is practical, hygienic and beautiful, it provides warmth and comfort. What is the best material that makes clothes warm without weighing them down?

The king of Norway knew about it already in the 9th century. He was taking the down of polar ducks as a tribute. Anyone who attempted to kill a polar duck in the Norwegian Kingdom could have paid with his own head. Down collectors were strictly forbidden to disturb the birds. While ducks, who laid the eggs, were absent, collectors took from nests about half of the down and replaced it with hay.

But when the duck down getting wet, it loses its properties and dries for a long time. These disadvantages are absent in synthetic materials that appeared in the 20th century. However, they are inferior to duck down in lightness, compactness, and volume of heat preservation.

Only recently the material was invented, combining the advantages of duck down and synthetic insulation. This Is LoftTek™, which uses siliconized fibers and unites the resistance to moisture with ultralight warmth and packability of down.

Everything for outdoor enthusiasts

Our founder Tayson has always been a fan of outdoor activities and when creating the LoftTek™ Adventure Jacket, he used his great personal experience. Its design provides everything that is necessary and that can create additional conveniences. The water will bead up and roll off rather than absorb into the fabric due to the durable water repellent coating. The baffle design minimizes sewing lines and keeps the insulation in place and stable. The hood and pockets also have thermal insulation, that allows the jacket to keep extra warm.

It is comfortable to bend and to sit in The LoftTek™ Adventure Jacket. Your bottom will stay warm thanks to the elongated back of this jacket. There is high neck for added warmth (without wearing your hood) and cord locks to pull and adjust the hem of the jacket.

The thumb holes in the sleeves do not allow them to open the arms, even with active movements.  But If on the contrary you will become too hot, use the underarm zippers to release heat. Folding your jacket in a special package you will get a small, but very comfortable and soft pillow weighing only 11.5 ounces (326 gr)!

And finally, the athletic fit of our jackets will allow you to look good not only during your outdoor activities but also in the bar with friends! The LoftTek™ Adventure Jacket is comfortable convenient for your everyday life and for your adventures!