Modular & Sustainable Travel Backpack WAYKS ONE

<p><em>"Let your memory be your travel bag" Alexander Solzhenitsyn</em></p>
<p>Frequent travelers know how important a travel bag is. It is not just a container for carrying our clothes and things anymore, nowadays it is about comfort, weight, space, multifunctionality, and style. We need a comfortable bag, where we can safely store our belongings, have easy access to them at any time? WAYKS ONE travel backpack is an excellent solution for those, who prefer to travel light and enjoy flexibility and efficiency.</p>
<h4>Spacious and stylish backpack-transformer</h4>
<p>WAYKS ONE travel backpack within seconds can be transformed into a stylish daypack or a camera bag, which can be used also as a cooler or storage for your cosmetics. There is no need to carry around several bags for different needs. Women especially will appreciate it, since with this travel bag they can go to the cocktail party or a business meeting straight from the airport or a train station. All they need to do is one move to unzip the travel bag and transform into a pretty bag- a perfect addition to the dress.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Sufficient space is another reason to choose WAYKS ONE backpack. Active tourists need to have all the necessary items with them always, so they can hike, explore, discover, fly with no fear to lose the luggage. In this bag you will easily find space for a few t-shirts, a sweater, a pair of jeans, shoes, accessories, a bottle of water,&nbsp; perfumery, makeup, your favorite book, laptop, chargers, smartphone, documents and of course, the camera. The product was designed to fit in the overhead storage cabin on the airplane. As a result, all essentials are in one place and you won't struggle under the heavy backpack.</p>
<h4>Wayks One backpack: durable, functional and ethically made</h4>
<p>Being a traveler often means being an explorer, open to adventures. Many of you probably have noticed the color of huge rucksacks on the backpackers, they get dirty very quickly due to the conditions they need to be in. With WAYKS ONE backpacks this problem can be quickly solved. First, you can provide better care of the bag having it always by your side and use it according to your needs and activities. Secondly, it is made of polyester fabric, thus, doesn't get dirty as easy, as the natural materials. In any case, the stains can be cleaned very easily. The manufacturers recommend to clean it with the sponge and soap instead of putting into a washing machine to increase the product life.</p>
<p>Besides all mentioned above, the bag is a great companion for freelancers and nomads who choose to work while traveling all over the world. They can work remotely from anywhere having all necessary things next to them. The bag has various compartments, which help to organize all items and reach them fast at any moment. Finally, it is crucial that the backpack is sustainably made, complying with environmental and social standards.&nbsp;</p>
<p>A good choice of a travel backpack is one of the main providers for an amazing trip. If you want to travel far and fast, you need to travel light and in style with WAYKS ONE.</p>