Mantis, All-in-one Hammock Tent

The Mantis by Kammok offers a unique camping experience with its all-in-one lightweight hammock tent.  Providing both convenience and comfort, it is an excellent choice for hikers, campers, and nomads alike.  Making an easier backpacking experience for all, the Mantis allows for the best quality sleep while off the ground.  

Lightweight, yet Strong

Both weighing in at under two pounds, this hammock tent is offered in two different versions – the Mantis and the Mantis UL (Ultralight).  The Mantis UL offers an even lighter alternative weighing a little over 1 pound (without the rainfly).  Both versions are made to weigh less than most one-person tents – and they require no additional gear for bedding!  It is also easily compressible into a small pack.  Any serious hikers or backpackers know how valuable space and weight are when spending long stretches of time on the trail!  Despite its lightweight, the Mantis offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio – with the classic version supporting up to 500 pounds, and the UL supporting 300 pounds.

Adaptable to Any Environment

One of the best parts about the Mantis is its ability to adapt to many different environments and weather conditions.  The Mantis is highly customizable and can be adjusted to fit both hot and cold weather conditions.  Its integrated rainfly will also help keep you dry in any type of precipitation.  It also has a built-in bug net which makes sure to keep those pesky mosquitoes and other bugs out in warmer weather.  Both the bug net and rainfly can be easily adjusted and removed.  Its tree-friendly straps allow backpackers to easily set up their portable home wherever they go.  Simply using two trees 13 to 18 feet apart, campers can easily set up their Mantis in less than 60 seconds.  

Customize and Accessorize

Kammok offers the Mantis in various colors – ember orange, midnight blue, moss green, aloe green, and granite gray – so you can choose the one that suits you best!  Various accessories and add-ons are also available including blankets and pillows, a telescoping pole, a winter barrier, and a sling for your gear. The Mantis also has built-in mesh pockets to keep all your essential items close by while you are in your hammock.     

Environmental Commitment

Another positive feature about the Mantis is that it supports environmental protection.  Kammok works hard to ensure a high-performing long-lasting design – which is backed by their lifetime warranty.  Using this type of hammock tent has the most minimal environmental impact leaving almost no trace behind.  Its nylon ripstop fabrics are made to be abrasion and tear-resistant, as well as fluorocarbon free. The Mantis uses all reusable and recyclable materials.  They also provide clean and environmentally friendly factories with good conditions for their workers.  They work hard to maintain their commitment to sustainability and recycling in order to leave a small footprint on the environment.

All in all, this tent alternative helps simplify the backpacking and camping experience.  Offering an all-inclusive, comfortable sleeping option, this lightweight hammock tent is an exceptional piece of gear for any camper.