Malboro & Kane Multitool – World's Tiniest

<p>Ok, my fellow travelers let me describe a well-known scene for you :</p>
<p>Finally, you and your favorite adventure buddies get out into the wild. After a day of hiking and exploring you set camp for the night, the beer is cooled in the local river nearby. Exhausted but happy you want to cuddle up for a cozy night under the stars, everything seems to be perfect. But what is ever perfect? So it comes as it has to, you cannot get the fire started and no firestone anywhere in sight and over that frustration you want to have a sip of well-deserved beer, but of course, what did you forget to pack? The bottle opener.</p>
<p>How many times did that happen to you? Exactly far too many times. But finally, there is a solution! And if you are one of those organized and prepared adventurers, congratulations on that, so I would love to present you a new all-in-one handy tool to be even better prepared.</p>
<p>The Malboro &amp; Kane Multitool called the Claw!</p>
<h4>Practical facts</h4>
<p>As mentioned before you can open bottles, cut open boxes, but also use the multitool to open canes and spark a flint for your beach campfire and so much more. All combined in one tiny piece of metal. Especially for camping lovers like me a must have!</p>
<p>The Claw can be easily attached to your key chain, so no need to think about it or fear of forgetting.&nbsp; In addition, the Claw is not just light but also handy in size and made of robust titanium which makes it basically unbreakable and titanium generally also is corrosion resistance, perfect for those salty beach camping trips.</p>
<p>And there is even better news, the Claw is also TSA approved and can be taken on the plane in your hand luggage. So even when the rest of your luggage gets lost, and if you are as lucky as me that happens quite a few times, but at least you can open yourself a cold bottle of beer to relax while waiting for your clothes to arrive.</p>
<p>For the fashion lovers among us, the Claw is not just a useful addition to your packing list, but due to its modern and clean design also a nice decorative element. If you carry it on your key chain, your backpack or add it to your camping gear – it shines and serves everywhere.&nbsp;</p>
<p>If all of that has not convinced you yet to stock up your travel gear, the Claw is surprisingly low-cost in price (but not in quality) and can be ordered with free shipping worldwide. Yes, I had to read that sentence twice too, but I checked it out – no joke – free worldwide shipping.</p>
<p>So order now, pack your things and buy that plane ticket or fuel up your car and let&acute;s go traveling with our new favorite companion the Claw Multitool.</p>
<p>Be the hero of the night (or day) by saving the beach/forest moonlight party and enjoy the time with your friends instead of desperately searching for replacement cane opener.</p>