Lunchbox: The Anti-Theft Hydration Pack For Active Adventure

<p>Backpacks are one of the most important assets on every traveller's arsenal. While many backpacks do a great job of simply holding the rest of your stuff, the Lunchbox is one that seeks to address some of the common travel nuances that many travellers experience. Whether you're going to a music festival, camping, biking, or simply taking the commute, the Lunchbox's unique features will certainly let you focus on maximizing your experiences.</p>
<h4>The theft proof backpack</h4>
<p>Stolen items can definitely ruin what's a supposedly good trip. And with the Lunchbox's smart anti-theft features, you can definitely have peace of mind knowing that all your items are kept safe and secure. The panels are made of special nylon, which are slice and puncture resistant so no sharp object can cut through. The main zipper is situated to be against your back making it hard for any pickpocket to even find it. For those who like to keep their phones secure but always within reach, there's a phone pouch on the strap so your phone can be easily tucked while staying safely in front by your chest.</p>
<h4>Water-friendly backpack</h4>
<p>This is one backpack that's not afraid to get wet. The water-resistant materials will surely keep contents nice and dry so you won't have to worry about that laptop inside when it starts to drizzle during a mountain hike. Aside from keeping water out, the Lunchbox can also conveniently store water. This backpack comes with a juicebox bladder that can store up to 2 liters of fluids. The juicebox is designed with a slide-to-seal opening so refilling is always quick and easy. And because it's a bladder, more space is left for your other stuff since they aren't bulky like bottles or jugs.</p>
<h4>A backpack that's visually exciting</h4>
<p>Monotony can be boring. But thanks to changeable skins, you can always keep the Lunchbox looking fresh and exciting. There are dozens of cool skins to choose from to match the type of activity you'll be doing, the outfit that you're wearing, or even just your mood for the day. And if that isn't exciting enough, you can turn on the built-in EL wire light loops and become a walking light show. They're not only useful for parties though. They're also great safety tools when you want to stay visible during night treks.</p>
<h4>Keeps your phone always charged</h4>
<p>Keeping a fully charged phone is very important for long journeys. You'd typically leave your phone inside your bag to connect to a battery pack, or have your phone outside and have the wire to the charger be dangling around. The Lunchbox solves this by having a cable path that's routed to connect the phone pocket outside to the inner compartment where you can put your battery pack. Because the power cable runs inside the wire path to the charger, you won't have to deal with the nuisance of entangled wires cluttering your backpack.</p>
<p>As for the built, the Lunchbox boasts superior build quality that's ready to withstand a great deal of abuse. All while keeping your stuff organized and protected. The very well thought of design and great durability definitely makes the Lunchbox a formidable companion on every journey for years and years to come.&nbsp;</p>