HoverChair | The Hanging Chair That’ll Make You Go “AAAHHHH”

Outdoor Chillers Attention Please!

I do not know how you are feeling about this, I at least love to be outdoors, but I do not want to miss out on comfort while enjoying mother nature.

Especially after a long wonderful hike I just want to relax a little and enjoy the view. Far too many times, this is not quite possible, because maybe the ground is wet or simply not really comfortable due to rocks.

Or those awesome road trip days, a long ride and then you just want to take a quick nap or a couple of minutes of relaxation before you hit the road again, but some rest stops are anything but relaxing. It would be so much nice to take a break somewhere of the beaten track.

Finally, there is an easy and convenient solution!

Never again missing out on the comfort thanks to HoverChair! A portable hanging chair to maximize your sundown experience.

But what is that great invention about? Well, I would love to give you a quick overview.

Basic Details

– packed up it only weighs 1.8kg with a size of 25cmx40cm – so you can easily carry it around in your backpack or leave it in your car/van for those spontaneous relaxing spots you encounter along the way.

– the chair includes a phone holder and pockets to store different things like bottles

– max. comfort is guaranteed with air cushioned seat and a mesh back to lean back and enjoy the view or a break with your favorite people

– you can also order some add-ons for a small price like a foot-hammock, a LED light or a tablet holder, the HoverChair can be customized to your specific needs

– it already includes carabiners and a rope to easily set it up to a tree or any other place of your choosing

– the HoverChais is constructed with light and enduring materials, easily folded and even washing machine friendly

Price and Shipping

Currently, the HoverChair is still available for a reasonable price as it is an innovative Kickstarter and as already mentioned, can be customized to your personal needs. 

Shipping in the US, Canada, and the EU is only 5$, the rest of the world 10$.

Last Words

Did I mention that you can actually swing with it? It is not just a chair to put your feet up and relax, no you can use it as a swing. Childhood memories all the way. So if you are more of a not moving person or a wild child – the HoverChair fulfills everyone's need.

In addition, the CRUA outdoor crew have proven before that their products are high quality and reliable (and if not there is a two years warranty on the HoverChair). I am an absolute fan of their creations that make my outdoor adventures just a little more chilling in such an easy way. So do not forget to also check out their other products while getting yourself a new chair/swing.

Do not hesitate – order right away and upgrade your nature time to the next level!