Hashy Bottle: The Most Elegant, Classic, & Practical Bottle

<p>I was once walking through a village in remote Northern Mozambique, meeting locals and visiting their homes. One of the local mamas grabbed me by the hand, wanting to show me her house – a little mud hut in the bush. "Is it far?" I enquired of her in my rudimentary knowledge of the local tribal Makonde language. "No, no, not at all!" She replied, "It's just down the track." Two hours later and a throat parched from walking under the African heat, we finally made it to her home and I met all of her children. It was a wonderful experience apart from the extreme thirst!</p>
<h4>Vacuum insulation to keep your beverages cold or hot longer</h4>
<p>Introducing the Hashy Bottle: The most elegant, classic and practical bottle, vacuum insulated to keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. What I wouldn't have given for this handy, stylish bottle on that hot day in Africa!</p>
<h4>Staying hydrated</h4>
<p>I have spent many days and hours trekking through the African bush, longing for a nice cool drink. The African sun can get very hot and up where I spend most of my time, the tropical, humid heat coaxes sweat out of you very quickly, dehydrating you almost immediately. Staying hydrated becomes vital.</p>
<h4>Easy grip handle to carry with ease</h4>
<p>I always tried to carry water bottles with me, but they were so cumbersome and annoying to carry around whilst also trying to juggle the hands of all the village children trailing me, wanting to hold my hands as they giggled at the strange white woman traipsing through their village. Most of the children had never seen a white person before! The bottle would often get discarded in favour of the new friends I was meeting. The Hashy Bottle comes with an awesome accessory bottle wrap and neck lasso, hand wrap or shoulder strap to conveniently carry your bottle with you anywhere you go.</p>
<h4>Perfectly sized opening for the perfect sip</h4>
<p>The Hashy bottle doesn't just come with a handy opening just the right size to drink easily from without wearing half your drink down the front of your shirt when you are guzzling down the refreshing coolness on a hot day, but it is also just big enough to fit ice cubes in. Perfection!</p>
<h4>Eco-friendly and recyclable</h4>
<p>With a leak-proof silicone cover, double wall vacuum insulation and stylish design, you won't ever have to worry about staying hydrated no matter where you are. The Hashy Bottle is also eco-friendly and recyclable for all of us who love this beautiful planet we live on and care about looking after it.</p>
<h4>All of your drinking needs in one bottle</h4>
<p>Next time I'm hiking through the bush I will be happy and relieved to use my Hashy Bottle. Likewise, the next time I'm driving through the bush, traipsing across Africa in my 4×4, crossing borders and discovering new places – from the magic of watching the sunset over the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls in Zambia to gaping at the majestic sights of Table Mountain in Cape Town – I will manage the long drives much more comfortably with a hot coffee from my Hashy Bottle! All my drinking needs in one bottle, all while looking stylish with its sleek design.</p>