GoPortable: Your New Adventure Companion

<p>When purchasing an item, we always look for an item that will give us the most satisfaction. An item that will give us quality, value for money and that is multipurpose where possible. PorTable is that item, this is a portable table that not only holds your items but has additional functions such as charging your mobile devices, speakers and provides illumination at night just to mention a few.</p>
<h4>Beautiful In and Out&nbsp;</h4>
<p>The PorTable is a 6000 series aluminum table with folding legs which spring into action literally when you remove it from its carrying case and when you have to put it back into its case after use. This sleek design comes in handy because it makes it super easy to set it up anywhere- be it at the beach, partying outdoors on the grass or by the pool- without the need to have other pieces of equipment to help set it up. The PorTable is lightweight and very compact when in its storage which makes carrying it around on your trips so easy and it occupies very little space in your car. Let us talk durability, the PorTable is IP54-certified which simply means you can take it anywhere without worrying that it will get damaged which would prevent you from fully having the fun you intended with your friends when using it. It is well protected against dust, sand, dirt, waterproof- you and your friends no longer have to worry about spilling drinks on it and damaging it. The PorTable is made from heat treatable aluminum, you can use it even in salty beaches because it is resistant to corrosion.</p>
<h4>More Value for Your Money&nbsp;</h4>
<p>This is definitely not your regular table. It has storage drawers, yes but these come with concealed 10W wireless charging pots. I know this gives you a smile because we always want to stay connected and having particularly our mobile devices always charged is a great advantage. The PorTable has 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries that can last the whole day while under full usage of charging your devices and playing music. With a dual set of batteries, you and your crew can have an entire weekend of fun very well covered. If you need to charge the PorTable or its batteries, all you need is the standard wall outlet and plug in the cable provided.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>All Under One Roof</h4>
<p>The PorTable has a drawer with dual cup holders with the removable bottle and wine openers. In addition, it has Stereo Bluetooth speakers with 5W channel class D amplifier- you can listen to music as you catch up. If you are outdoors at night, the PorTable will provide you with multi-colored LED lighting, this means that you can continue using the PorTable as it is well illuminated. You and your friends can play your table games till late in the night. All these benefits are provided by one table, again this is not your regular table, this is what you have been missing to maximize on your fun.</p>