Evolution Hoodie: Made From Recycled Coffee Grounds

Coalatree’s Evolution Hoodie could easily become your new favourite, that one special item of clothing you could wear every day – and usually do, until the cuffs get too worn, or the stains too numerous. Or until you forget it on the train to Transylvania.

Its innovative design with kangaroo pocket makes it super practical for travelling. It’s cosy, lightweight, and best of all, it’s made in a sustainable manner that’s good for the soul, and even better for the environment.


What Makes the Evolution Hoodie So Special?

The fibers are created from used coffee grounds that are mixed and melted down with recycled plastic bottles. It’s totally innovative yet very affordable. The hoodie folds up small, can be used as a travel pillow, and fits easily into a backpack. It comes in three (soon four!) classic unisex colors, and even has those thumb holes you know you love.


Keeps your stuff safe

This hoodie has a front zippered pocket divided into two compartments, big enough for your passport, phone and wallet. It even has an internal headphone port and an inside loop on which to clip your keys, so you can travel around without having to worry about being pickpocketed or losing your valuables.


Dries twice as fast as a regular hoodie

It has microscopic pores, which increases its surface area, spreading out the moisture and accelerating the drying process. Wash it before going to bed, and it’ll be dry by morning.


Keeps the stink and the sun out

We’ve all felt it, that horrible smell (yes, it’s ours!) that inevitably follows us after a few days on the road. Luckily, this hoodie is made from recycled coffee, and coffee is a naturally odor-absorbing material. It not only traps odors as you sweat, but also traps and blocks five times more UV rays than a regular sweatshirt. It’s a cool, chemical-free sun shield.



How Is Coffee Transformed Into Clothing?

First, used coffee grounds are collected from local shops – often by employees on their way to work, thus reducing transport costs and emissions. Next it is dried, with its oils separated out and re-used in soaps, cosmetics, and more. The dried coffee is further ground into nano-sized particles, then combined with recycled plastic bottles that have been shredded into flakes, dried and melted down into small fibers. This revolutionary process becomes yarn.



A Sustainable Company That’s Good For The Soul

Coalatree is an eco-minded Utah-based company that makes easy, practical and sustainable gear for travellers, adventurers and the city’s sporty types. They’ve got a fun collection of jackets and sports pants, backpacks, blankets, and even a range of affordable hammocks. They work with recycled materials in green facilities, using sustainable production methods and tree-friendly packaging. What’s more, each year they use surplus fabric to create blankets for the homeless in their hometown of Salt Lake City. They also partner with local organizations to help maintain the local hiking and biking trails. Now, this is the kind of company we should all be supporting.