Evo-The Smallest Global Travel Adapter

<p>Almost everyone I know who travels with any frequency, reliably lists adapters as one of their biggest pet peeves. Nothing can ruin a big adventure like that moment when you stop into the airport electronics shop in a hurry to buy an adaptor before your flight leaves, buy an overpriced &ldquo;universal&rdquo; one thinking you&rsquo;re safe, then land only to discover that the country you&rsquo;re in &ndash; in my case Israel &ndash; somehow isn&rsquo;t included!</p>
<h4>The Trouble With Travel Adapters</h4>
<p>There are 15 types of plugs currently in use across the world. So, adapters are a necessary evil for those who travel. They are awkward, heavy, often bulky, and they come with unexpected inconveniences, like realising too late that they don&rsquo;t convert voltage, don&rsquo;t fit your devices properly, or block the socket next to them thus limiting how many devices you can charge.</p>
<p>How many of us have a drawer of various adapters, all needed for different countries or devices or voltages, that we have to trawl through every time we pack a suitcase? Personally, I inevitably grab the wrong one or forget one, and have to buy yet another that then&nbsp;gets brought home and dumped &ndash; you guessed it &ndash; back into the drawer.</p>
<p>Why isn't there a single plug that could be used everywhere? is a recurrent, frustrated refrain among those of us who move around. Unfortunately, for the moment, standardisation remains a bit of a pipe dream, so it looks like we&rsquo;ll have to keep suffering&hellip;right?</p>
<h4>Evo &ndash;&nbsp;Simplify Your Life</h4>
<p>Lucky for us, there&rsquo;s hope for the future. From the great minds at MicroNovelty, a Chinese company with a history of creating great products through crowd-funded campaigns comes the travel accessory you&rsquo;ve always wanted. Evo, the smallest global travel adapter ever produced. MicroNovelty wanted to produce the perfect travel adapter in the highest quality, so Evo was designed through a long process of listening to customer preferences, and integrating market needs. The goal was to focus on product innovation, while also guaranteeing diversity, rationality and security. MicroNovelty puts the consumer at the centre of their work, with products designed and engineered for ease of use, with a focus on portability and cost-effectiveness.</p>
<h4>Compact but Powerful</h4>
<p>Redefining pocket-size, at a remarkable 50g, Evo is your ticket to stress-free power in 157 countries, and only slightly larger than a AA battery. It allows you to charge any device via USB interface, with capability to fast charge two devices simultaneously via lightening, micro-USB, or type C connections. And for those of us who prefer to be over-cautious, Evo has thought of that too. It has gone through and passed CE and FCC compliance testing. Ensuring that it meets their strict standards for compatibility, product safety, and energy efficiency. Not only is it made of durable, sturdy materials, but it also has built in over-voltage, surge, and over-load protection, providing the ultimate secure shield for your connected electronic devices, and the safety of usage that keeps your mind at ease.</p>
<p>Say goodbye to the adapter drawer! In an ever more connected world, let Evo help you use your technology guilt and hassle free almost anywhere on the planet, so you can get back to the important things, like adventure.</p>