DURAN: The Most Slim Cozy Heated Base Layer

<p>Contrary to popular belief, getaway and adventures aren't always to island paradises where the weather is tropical. In order to fully explore the great outdoors, we need to experience the full spectrum.</p>
<p>When it comes to winter or cold weather clothes, there are often a lot of basic problems that we've simply come to accept as unavoidable. These garments are usually bulky and heavy, restrictive, and have insufficient insulation which usually results in the need for more layers which make things even more restrictive, bulky, and ultimately, uncomfortable.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Warm Without Layers</h4>
<p>The DURAN Heated Base Layer is fully capable of keeping you warm and toasty on cold or winter days. Despite the fact DURAN is an ultra slim undershirt, it utilizes innovative warming technology that was designed to be next to or come in contact with skin meaning it helps in maintaining a warm core temperature regardless of external factors. It uses high-performance carbon fiber that is weaved in with other fibers. These ultra-fine and flexible carbon nano-heating material make this complex material structure almost undetectable by sight or touch. Because of this heating feature, you can stay warm even without layering up.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Aside from our face, the vulnerable parts of our body are our core and hands when it comes to battling cold weather. DURAN provides strategically-located, multi-zone heating which targets vulnerable-to-the-cold areas such as the neck, back, and even the hands. Specifically, DURAN contains one back heater, 2 chest heaters, and 2 cuff heaters that are sure to keep your core and arms as warm as possible.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>The Underdog of Undershirts</h4>
<p>DURAN takes only three seconds to heat up and can last up to seven hours on a single charge. It comes with three quick charging high-density li-polymer 2600mAH rechargeable batteries that are fully charged in just one hour. Heat levels are also customizable with as it can provide three heating levels that you can accommodate whatever weather awaits.&nbsp;</p>
<p>DURAN is also suitable for all types of active people who live active lifestyles. Be it in the rain or in the snow, comfortable clothing that is flexible and capable of adapting can make all the difference. With all the features of DURAN, it makes work easier. Made of durable material, it is also sweat proof, specifically designed to not be affected by sweat and long-term use. Stylishly designed and easy to match, there is also no problem wearing DURAN as a top layer or choosing to utilize it every day.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Despite all these innovative and revolutionary clothing features, DURAN remains to be low maintenance. In fact, taking good care of your effective and ultra-thin undershirt is just about as normal as can be. You can throw your DURAN undershirt in the washer with no worries as it is completely machine washable, just so long as you remember to remove the power bank from the pocket that keeps your undershirt fully functional when you're out and about.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The best thing about the DURAN is that it's for everybody. It's perfect for people who enjoy the outdoors and for people who work outdoors. DURAN is a tool, a fashion statement, and ultimately, DURAN is the perfect partner for the outdoors.&nbsp;</p>