DAYFARER Sling | For The One Who Packs Light And Moves Quick

<p>What do you really need in a bag that you carry around with you all day to and from work, or while you are running errands? The basics? A wallet with cash and cards, your phone, house keys and car keys…what else? Not much really. Maybe a pair of headphones, a portable charger and a packet of tissues. If you are going to work, maybe a tablet or a notebook and a pen if you are more into writing. There is no need for a big bag that either feels too big for the little stuff you put in or is too heavy because you keep on adding useless items that you might need once a year just to fill it up.</p>
<h4>Problems with Large Bags</h4>
<p>A large bag is an inconvenience because first of all, it takes up a lot of space both for storage as well as when one is commuting. If you are standing in a crowded train with a huge bag on your arm or in your hand, it becomes more difficult to keep your balance and hold on to the straps. Big bags have the tendency to make your stuff disappear into another dimension and you have to dive after them to find them. Try juggling the handbag, the grocery bag and an umbrella while looking for the keys in pouring rain.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Problems of using Pockets</h4>
<p>Filling up pockets is not so convenient either. Having bulky and bumpy hips due to full pockets is not that stylish, not to mention the weight of the stuff in there pulling the garment down making it look ill-fitting, as well as causing damage to that favourite pair of jeans or that cosy jacket you love wearing. Sometimes pockets are not an option as what you have on, have none or the ones you do have are too small.</p>
<h4>Advantages of Small Bags</h4>
<p>A small bag is more convenient. Features that make a small bag perfect include easy closure, comfortable handles and straps to wear however you like and it has to look good too. Waterproofing is a plus too when you want to use it rain or shine. It should also have a neutral colour so that it matches any outfit you feel like putting on and is unisex so that it can be shared, especially when you are on holiday and you don't feel like carrying a bag the whole time. That way you can give it to your partner without anyone feeling uncomfortable.</p>
<h4>Health Risks when Carrying Heavy Bags</h4>
<p>Heavy bags can raise health issues as well. Back pain can result from carrying a heavy load for lengthy periods of time, such as an hour of commuting or a day of exploring the city where you are on holiday. Light bags with only the essential stuff in them is an easy solution to this problem.&nbsp;</p>
<h4>Features of DAYFARER Sling</h4>
<p>A bag such as DAYFARER Sling is not only a convenience but an investment both in your health as well as the bank. It is small and light, making it easy to carry around without the extra weight of excess stuff. Having a magnetic key clip keeps the keys from vanishing into the abyss that is your bag and the pockets inside helps you sort out your stuff. It is universal and stylish with easy to open buckles, making it perfect for day to day usage.</p>