Compression Packing Cubes

Regardless of being a tourist or an adventurer, all of us going on trips must face an imminent situation before enjoying the sun of the beach or the stunning views from a mountain: packing up our luggage. Do you identify with sitting on top of your suitcase to finally close it? Or worse: Do you ever get to add extra baggage items to your booking because of low-cost flights restrictions? (Can we call those low-cost flights, anyway?). Dear traveler, do not panic: the Compression Packing Cubes by Altitude Bags are here to help you out!

A device for smart travelers

To travel smart means to do all there is in our power to get the best experience for the lowest cost. People spend hours deciding where to go and how. Then, when the cheapest flight is booked there is no option but to travel light since most of the airlines do not admit but one carry-on luggage on board.

So, should we take what is strictly necessary or should we learn how to pack?

Altitude Bags understands how important this is, therefore comes into the e-market with an original device that spares time, space and money: compression bags made out of ripstop nylon (a very strong material, resistant to ripping or tearing), in two sizes, with a very slim design that removes the excess of air and guarantees lots of stocking capacity. 

No more Tetris: packing is now a piece of cake!

To fold instead of roll, to pack in layers or to use the bundle technique are all good packing tips. However, we can make life much easier. By using Altitude Bags Compressing Cubes, the traveler won't have to worry anymore about rolling up t-shirts to fill every single corner inside the suitcase. If travelers are not that skilled in Tetris, then the Compressing Packing Cubes will do the job!

There are two options: a small compression packing bag for socks, underwear, and small accessories, and the bigger size to stock jeans, shirts and items alike. Combined together, these bags are the perfect packing set that will protect luggage from any ridiculous luggage fee. 

What is so special about Compressing Packing Cubes by Altitude Bags?

These carefully designed devices by Altitude Bags are much more than just saving space items: they make packing something easy and practical, and that is great since the risk of losing any important belonging disappears when everything fits within the cubes! (Did I mention that the bags include a special external pocket to store documents?).

Both experienced and amateur adventurers will find the Compressing Packing Cubes to be a helpful and lasting purchase. Personally, while on a trip I once bought two suitcases because carrying my backpack was no longer an option. I thought I had so much stuff to take with me that a single suitcase would just not be enough (I believe half of the content in my backpack was air, now that I see how the cubes work).

I encourage people to learn from my mistake and go for the Compressing Packing Cubes: they are the difference between just traveling and traveling smart!