B-2 BLITZ Small Pocket Knife Designed By Backers

<p>Serious travellers cannot go wrong with the B-2 BLITZ Small Pocket Knife designed to give us everything we need. Whether you are an adventurer, avid road-tripper, hiker or camper, you will understand the frustration of finding yourself in a challenging situation without the proper tools to fix it and if you have any experience at all, like me, you will understand that there are really only three essential items we <em>never</em> leave home without:</p>
<li>Toilet paper</li>
<li>Duct tape</li>
<li>One badass pocket knife</li>
<p>You can survive pretty much anything when in possession of these three items. Take it from me – a frequent camper and road-tripper of Africa, from Botswana to Tanzania and beyond – I know what I'm talking about.</p>
<p>Having seen what the B-2 BLITZ Small Pocket Knife can do, I am practically salivating to have it in my pocket for my next adventure. Why? Allow me to take you on a journey through some of my cringe-worthy moments where this knife would have been ideal:</p>
<h4>Car Trouble</h4>
<p>Our flatbed truck decided to get overheated in the middle of nowhere, Africa: not a mechanic shop or village in sight. Out came the duct tape but we didn't have a sharp knife to cut and strip away tired rubber. We ended up waiting hours for a truck to appear and tow us to the nearest village. Thankfully, we had brought toilet paper. Hours in the bush without toilet paper would have been a disaster.</p>
<h4>Food Fun</h4>
<p>Driving from Northern Mozambique to South Africa takes about 50 hours non-stop. There are some truly horrendous roads to traverse comprising potholes that will eat your car whole! Thankfully there is a village about half way down where locals sell bucket loads of fresh pineapples grown on their farms. I cannot express in words the delights of cutting into a fresh, juicy-sweet pineapple whilst stretching your legs under African skies on the side of the road after hours of driving. Or the absolute agony of realising you don't have a sharp knife to cut into the delicious fruit. B-2 BLITZ assistance required!</p>
<h4>Camp Fires</h4>
<p>We have camped in the African bush many times and needed to cut branches into firewood. I'm sure many people carry axes with them, but I don't. And nobody would need to with the B-2 BLITZ Small Pocket Knife which can actually saw through wood and then double as a tool to start the fire. Once the fire has been started, well, I have been in the irritating situation quite a few times where I grab the can of beans to cook only to realise I don't have a can opener to open the darned thing. With the B-2 BLITZ Small Pocket Knife that would never be a problem again. Its stabbing edge cuts right through the can. I have struggled to open cans with blunt knives before – narrowly missing chopping off fingers in the process – not fun.</p>
<p>If you are a traveller, camper or adventurer of any sort, trust me: don't leave home without the B-2 BLITZ Small Pocket Knife which was designed by travellers for travellers. We know what we need. The B-2 BLITZ Small Pocket Knife isn't just any old pocket knife. It ticks all the boxes for us and then some.</p>