AirThrone | The Air-Lounger That Auto-Inflates By Phone

<p>You already have your vacation trip schedule. All you have left is to fly to your destination and chill. Oh yeah&hellip; nothing better than a relaxing day laying on the beach. But wait a minute. Have you thought about all that sand struggling on your hair and inside your beachwear? Or maybe the high price for renting a chair to sit? Well, in this article I want to recommend you my must-bring to the beach so you dont have to think about any of this kind of stuff. An Air-Lounger will help you to relax with comfort and style.&lt;/p&gt; &lt;h4&gt;Make your life easier&lt;/h4&gt; &lt;p&gt;If you are like me and love to enjoy a peaceful time on the beach and not making any efforts on your vacations, you absolutely have to bring an inflatable chair on your trip. You wont need to worry about anything else rather than relaxing.</p>
<p>Have you ever been to those beaches where you have to wake up early to go and get a good spot for yourself? I do. And I love them. I like people, dont you? I just dont like to negotiate with sellers every single time I go to the beach. It&rsquo;s just a pain! This is the reason why I really liked this invention when I first knew it. With your own portable air sofa, you dont need to worry about that kind of situation. You just need to inflate it and relax anywhere and anytime you want (no need to wake up early). And you know what? Forget about getting exhausted. You dont have to stay hours and hours inflating your air chair anymore. Theres one Air-Lounger that auto-pumps with just plug in a cable from your smartphone. And in just 90 seconds!! The AirThrone leaves the hard work for your phone and gives you what you deserve: time for yourself. What else could you ask for, right?&lt;/p&gt; &lt;h4&gt;Forget about extra worries&lt;/h4&gt; &lt;p&gt;At this point, you might be thinking that is a good idea or maybe you are wondering how big and heavy the Air-Lounger is. Let me tell you something. At just 1.6 lbs, this wonderful inflatable chair is lightweight and portable. And if you continue asking yourself if it is a good choice. Well pay attention to this extra couple of features: The AirThrone holds up to 220 lbs so you definitely wont take risk of falling down, it is water repellant, soft, and durable. And read this. This is the best part for me. It has 1 year of full warranty!!!</p>
<p>Are you picturing yourself yet? Because I am. Now Im just thinking about myself laying down on my own AirThrone like a queen (Im thinking about the fuchsia one, but you can choose blue or dark grey). Taking the sun on the most beautiful beach, feeling the wind on my hair and drinking a refreshing tropical cocktail. Oh yeah, I deserve it. And I am pretty sure you deserve it too!! Give yourself the opportunity of having the best vacation experience and stop worrying about wasting time and money.</p>