Air Deck – The Ultimate Travel Playing Cards

Air Deck – Play cards on the go. Playing cards have been around from a very long time dating back to 9th century, the cards as we know has 52 cards in a deck, consisting of four suits namely diamonds, hearts, Spades and clubs, created by the French. Playing cards are one of the best examples of symmetry in design, which makes them attractive. Almost every household own playing cards, they are perfect entertainment in a small packet. Be it game night or party it always calls for cards. A number of games you can play with cards is endless.

Perfect Deck to Carry with You.

Though playing cards are fun, it has its own limitation, like you need a table to play and also you can play with them only in a dry area as most of them are not water resistance. A traveller does not prefer to carry with them as they are prone to be lost or ripped. All these drawbacks led to the invention of Air Deck, by a traveller.

While on road we are always on the lookout for ways to entertain yourself, we try coming up with games to play, stuff to listen and so on. But nothing beats playing cards. Air deck playing cards are perfect to carry with you while travelling.

Air Deck Features

Air deck is a perfect blend of traditional cards with a modern touch.

1.Size: these days people have realized the importance of space and have adapted to lifestyles like tiny house and minimalism. Traveller tries to carry less while travelling as this makes travel easy and hassle-free. Air deck is a minimalist version of regular playing cards, it's compact and small enough to easily fit into your pocket or backpack, with Air deck you need not worry about making extra space in your backpack.

2.Durability: The best way to attract customers is to ensure your product passes durability test. Air Deck is known for its durability, after extensive research the team came up with cards made of Casino quality PVC. Air deck cannot be scratched, bent or ripped. Air deck has passed the durability test. 

3.Water resistance: Most playing cards cannot be carried to the beach or play in the pool, as they are not waterproof. Air deck has solved this issue and given you the freedom to play with these cards anywhere and everywhere you want to. Air deck is completely waterproof, you can now play in the pool.

Air Deck Design

Great designs are inspired from common objects like a mailbox, household items or art that we see. Air deck cards were designed keeping in view two things, history of cards and present day requirement.

Air deck Card design is the best example of symmetry, which makes it attractive. The textured finish in the back, adds style to it. Air Deck is compact enough to play on a plane and train. Air deck is available in three colours White, red and black. Hurry to get your own Air Deck pack before you plan your next travel.