Air Deck 2.0 – The Ultimate Travel Playing Cards

<p>Are you a frequent traveller? Travel with children? Travel long distances? I am an expert and a pro at finding ways to keep myself and my children entertained while we travel. Carrying bags and bags of heavy 'stuff' is a big no-no! One of our main goals as a travelling family is to carry as little luggage as possible whilst having as much fun as possible! That makes the Air Deck 2.0 – The Ultimate Travel Playing Cards – the perfect solution to all our travel entertainment needs.</p>
<h4>Travelling light</h4>
<p>On one harrowing trip flying with my husband and four (Yes, <em>four</em>) children from Australia to South Africa via Singapore, I learned many lessons. We found ourselves disembarking in Singapore at some absurd hour of the morning wrestling six sets of carry-on luggage and four children too tired to carry their own bags. I had thought myself a genius as I packed each of them a backpack full of toys and books to keep them occupied on the long flights but I had thoroughly repented of that idea hours later when I had to grapple three bags, hold the hands of two tired children while my husband did the same as we trekked the outrageous distance from one end of Singapore airport to the other. My children didn't use half of those cleverly packed items. They love to play cards. Light-weight, durable, waterproof cards made of casino-grade PVC would have been perfect, and infinitely easier to carry.</p>
<h4>Entertainment anywhere</h4>
<p>Our family regularly road-trip long distances – I'm talking 50+ hours crossing multiple borders across Africa. We have a large four-wheel-drive car which is great for the kids to spread out and entertain themselves but it still gets pretty cramped once you start piling games, computers and snacks in there with them. Patience wears thin once the kids start arguing! Having a set of durable playing cards would be ideal, especially waterproof playing cards for those inevitable moments when water bottles are spilt. The Air Deck 2.0 playing cards have the added benefit of being made out of durable casino-grade PVC: extremely hard to tear. Travel cards are generally made of paper and don't last long (Less than a minute with four kids in the back of a car on a long drive).</p>
<h4>Fun in the sun</h4>
<p>Because they are light-weight, durable and waterproof, the Air Deck 2.0 playing cards are the ultimate playing cards to travel with. They are perfect for playing anywhere with friends whether you're at the beach, sitting at a bar, on a plane, train or automobile – the possibilities are endless. Whether you're keeping the kids entertained or enjoying a hilarious game with friends (and cocktails), you'll want to have the Air Deck 2.0 Ultimate Travel Playing Cards handy while you travel – which isn't hard to do considering they can fit easily into your pocket. To top it off, the Air Deck 2.0 playing cards are environmentally friendly for those of us who love this beautiful planet we call home. TipTop Things LTD, the creators of this fantastic product have even pledged to plant mangrove trees in Myanmar with World View International Foundation to offset any CO2 emitted from production and shipping. You really can't go wrong!</p>
<p>So what are you waiting for? Hours of travelling entertainment await.</p>