My first meeting with Thailand


Ten days in Thailand

From Denmark to Bangkok

It is november the 4th. I am sitting on Starbucks in Copenhagen airport, waiting for my two friends. 8 months ago we decided to travel around in our gap year. Now the time had finally come. First stop was Thailand, more specific Bangkok. We had booked a group-tour with a company called Thaintro. The tour was loaded with adventures and experiences and you could easily say that we were more than excited. The girls arrived and soon it was goodbye to our family. We were on the flight and in 9 hours we would arrive in Bangkok.

Weather conditions, traffic and nightlife

There are so much to tell about Bangkok and Thailand, that I will try to take you with me on the trip. Let’s start at the beginning: The first meeting with Bangkok was HOT. The air was dry and the sun shined more than we were used too. Our guide told us, that this was one of the cold days in Thailand and it would be much warmer the next couple of days. Oh yeah, great! And we were already sweaty…. We were put in a taxi and headed towards our Guesthouse. This was a crazy experience. The traffic in Thailand is chaotic, terrifying, dangerous but despite this, they drive their cars, motorbikes, tuk-tuks and trucks like it is the easiest thing in the world. I am not sure if they were aware of all the dents on their cars, but the fact is, that a lot of the cars were really smashed and broken. I dont know if they are bad drivers or just very unlucky, but something was definitely wrong.

First night in Bangkok was about exploring nightlife and get to know the rest of the group better. We started with dressing up as rockstars, as this was the theme for the night. Afterwards we headed to an Indian restaurant where we got food and drinks. The room we entered was all red. Red walls, red lights, red interior. Low tables and pillows on the floor. At first it looked a bit forbidden, but then it all made sense. The red lights and colors created a completely special vibe and feeling in the room, and everybody got cozy and relaxed within minutes. White waiting on the food, we got drinks and played games at the table, it was so fun. The food came and it was great and very traditional, made with enthusiasm, love and effort. At least that’s what it tasted like. After the food we got some shots and after that we went down to the Khao San Road – Shopping street in the daytime, Party street in the night time. I have NEVER seen anything like this. There were people everywhere, tables from the bars out on the street, buckets with drinks, people selling food and roasted insects (their specials). We got down to a little bar where we could sit outside. Most of the group ordered buckets, including myself. In Thailand the drinks are quite strong compared to Denmark, so it went to my head quite fast. The night continued at ‘The Club’ where we all danced and sang to the newest popmusic. There were dancers on a stage and it was kind of funny trying to do the same as them, even though it hasn’t looked pretty or elegant at all. Some from the group started kissing a bit, and I thought it was kind of cute despite the fact that it is really fast to like someone enough to kiss them. I know that it was because of the alcohol and that strangers kiss each other at nightclubs and bars every night all around the world. After some hours of dancing and singing, me and some of the other girls went back home to the Guest House. The night was dark and stary, the streets were filled with happy people, sellers, drunk dudes, homeless people and tuktuk’s everywhere, but there was this feeling of happiness and joy all over. Except for the homeless of course, they just slept or begged for money. This makes me think about something; Homeless people are everywhere, in all countries and all cities. It hurts my heart everytime I see one. I want to help them and know their story, know why they ended up the way they did, and if they have any dreams for the future. They are such a huge contrast to many young people today. We have money and we are using them to see the world. The homeless man or woman has nothing and is forced to live on the street begging for help, just to make it to the next day. I know I cant save the entire world, but if I could just make a difference for one person, that would be so good. We got home to our accomodation, and went straight to bed after a long dag with new people, adventures at your own, exploring the center of Bangkok and the many many small shops along the streets. People in Thailand were overall friendly and helpfull, proud of their country and what they have, which I will tell more about later.

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Mornings and thai-cooking class

The morning after our first night out we were actually pretty fresh and not hungover, despite the strong alcohol. We might have danced it off. Some of the others were pretty hungover and felt sick, but they went pretty wild too and got loadsof alcohol. I like to know what I am doing while drinking, as I like to remember it as well. Well the programme for the day was thai cooking class and we were pretty excited as this was a new thing for us. I am not good at trying new stuff and hadn’t eaten a lot of thaifood in my life, so I was kind off nervous too see what we were going to cook and how it would be. I was really surprised and excited after the class as it went so well and we had met the sweetest persons, once again.

Khao San Road

Indian restaurant

Obligatory bucket

Streets of Bangkok


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