Mumbai : An emotion


 Mumbai : City of Humanity

At times it happens that you get so attached to something and become so habitual to it that if you are staying away from it for some days then you start missing it. The exact same thing goes on with me when I am off from Mumbai. Since I born and bought up in Mumbai, this city has a special place in my heart. This city accommodates everyone who arrives here.

Brief Introduction of Mumbai & its culture

Mumbai… A city made up of 7 islands. Situated on the west coast of India with 22 million of population and a finance capital of the same. Mumbai is a city of joy. It is the city that never sleeps! It is said that a city where nobody sleeps with hungry stomach. Mumbai is a city of opportunities. Everyone comes here with eyes full of dreams and heart full of passion. It satisfies all your aspirations and hence named as ‘Dreams-islands’.

Mumbai is divided into two regions, South Mumbai and Mumbai suburb. In south Mumbai, the rich and famous personalities live and Mumbai suburb is dominated by middle class and workers. Mumbai has luxurious area as well as slum area. You may catch some people travelling in high-end vehicles while some are pulling handcarts. Only thing is common in every Mumbaikar is ‘their hard working nature’ and ‘love for this city’.

We Mumbaikars have very fast life. We people only know one word and that is “run”! Every Mumbaikar has their fixed timings to catch a train or bus. This city runs 24*7. You may see, people are in hurry every time. In the morning we run to reach at workplaces and in the evening we run to go back our home. Despite of our busy schedule, we know how to enjoy every moment and how to call for a time out of our busy schedule. Mumbaikar know how to keep life with full of enthusiasm and craziness. Mumbai takes in its own rhythm and anyone who adds up here gets drifted with it. Mumbai is a home of movies, cricket and Politics. You may see many celebrities and their huge fan followings. People worship Bollywood celebrities and cricketers.

You will encounter diversity in Mumbai’s religion, culture and lifestyle, but what bind us together is the emotion towards this city. The resident of Mumbai are capable of speaking many languages other than their mother-tongue. Instead, this city has constructed its own language called “Bombaiya language”. If you are staying in Mumbai for a some time, then you may learn it.

Places to visit

Mumbai was first recognized as “Bombay”, after it was named as “Mumbai” in 2005. The name Mumbai is derived from the goddess “Mumbadevi”. This city was ruled by British in 18th century hence Mumbai has many buildings & monuments built by them. Beginning with the ‘Gateway of India’, this place is situated on the Coast of Arabian Sea. It was considered as an entry point to Mumbai. Everyone who visits Mumbai goes to this place and/or must see place on their bucket list. There is a famous hotel which is nearby to this place is Taj Mahal Palace. This palace has served many dignitaries and still serving many with their best services.

Nearby to this there is a coastal road of 4.3 km which is called as Marine drive. If you are viewing from the height, its shape resembles to English alphabet ‘C’. Marine drive looks mesmerizing during night time. The street lights enhance its beauty and it looks like pearls in a queen’s necklace. If you are seeing this from Hanging Garden, a park which is nearby to marine drive, you will see a beauty of this coastal road. This park has the most visitors and has many games for kids.

This “Queen’s Necklace” is one of the most loved place of Mumbai. What I love about this place is that sitting on the coast and watching sunset gives immense happiness and inner peace. This place is usually crowded during the evening.

As I said, Mumbai have diversity in religion and have many famous religious places. Must see places are Siddhivinayak temple (Prabhadevi), Mount Mary church (Bandra), Mahim Dargah (Mosque) and many more. We celebrate every festival irrespective of religion. The most celebrated festival is Diwali (Festival of lamps). Not only mumbaikars but all Indians celebrate it with enthusiasm.

Mumbai resembles as ‘concrete jungle’ because it has many towers, sky sculptures and buildings. But one won’t believe that there is sanctuary preserved in city’s suburb area and is known as ‘Sanjay Gandhi National Park’. The main attraction of this park is Tiger and Lion Safaris. And a mini trek destination ‘Kanheri Caves’. The historical place has many visitors during weekends.

Some more places to explore are Bandra Fort, Nehru Science Center, Haji Ali Dargah (Mosque), EsselWorld And Water Kingdom amusement park, Juhu- Axa beach, British library, Dhobighat (World’s largest outdoor laundry), Shivaji Park, Mills and the list goes on.

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Food and Shopping

Mumbai offers you variety of street foods, chaats, ice-creams and many more. You must eat Vada-Pav, Misal-Pav, Pakode and chaats. You will find variety of food and many restaurants in nearly every corner of this city. We Mumbaikars are very foodie.

Shopping is a must have thing while travelling and you will discover many places where diversity of fashion and clothing are available at inexpensive rates. Some of hot places are Fashion street (Churchgate), Colaba causeway (Colaba), Bandra Linking road (Bandra) and many more. (All I can suggest that if you are new to these places make sure you are accompanied by a local individual who is aware of bargaining :p).

Honors of Mumbai

The very recently opened Rajiv Gandhi sea-link has become pride of Mumbai. This link joins Bandra to Worli through the ocean. And main purpose is to break down the load of traffic. It has become an example of great architecture.

Mumbai’s transport facilities are very well managed and used by approx 90% of the population. Local trains are also called as ‘Mumbai’s lifeline’ and some thousands of people travel every day by train to reach their work destination. Mumbaikars are highly reliant on local trains, BEST buses and Auto-rickshaw transport. And yes, the newly started Mono and Metro railways are providing best transport services. (I suggest to take a ride with all these services, especially the local trains.)

Not only transport but there is one well organized and well managed example is of Mumbai’s dabbawala (The organization which provides healthy and hygienic homemade food to many corporate company employees). These dabbawalas has been awarded for their management. Their foundation is running for so many years and their management has become an ideal example to be followed. The part of their management, which I liked the most is they don’t waste their food. They collect all the waste/remaining food and distribute it among the poor children. They are setting the example of humanity. They are truly the heritage of Mumbai.


Mumbai has faced many natural and human calamities and I personally hats off to every Mumbaikar’s spirit. Mumbai has faced terrorism, bomb blast, flood and many things. The people of this city always helped each other in every situation and recovered from it in very little time. This city teaches a lot more things. One need to come here and experience them.

Finally, I can say that I may go anywhere in the future, but my love for Mumbai won’t change because it has become an emotion for me. I enjoy this city and a proud citizen of Mumbai. And I must suggest to all people out there to visit Mumbai once!

Monsoon at Mumbai

Some native words that have been used are:

Mumbaikar : Resident of Mumbai

Dabbawala : The one who provides lunch box

Bombaiya language : Native language of Mumbai

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