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Medellín is a city with great diversity and places to enjoy. The paisas (how are called to the dwellers here) are very friendly and nice, it is very easy to strike up a conversation with someone and become friends. In Medellin we like to meet people who come from other cities and cultures, and we like sharing our experiences with others. According to my friends who come from other countries, most people in Medellin are hospitable, nice and happy. In Medellin, apart from the happy people, we have many fun and entertaining places to visit. Here I make a compilation of the best malls and restaurants I’ve visited in the city.



  • Santafe Mall:

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    Alejandro Osorio Agudelo Flickr

    Santafé Mall by Alejandro Osorio Agudelo on Flickr


    [Single_map_place] Cra. 43 # 7, Medellin, Antioquia [/ single_map_place]


    • El Tesoro, Commercial Park: Also located in Poblado, Los Naranjos area is a shopping center with a beautiful view of the city, good restaurants and a little more fancy shops.

    To learn more about this park can visit their website here.


    [Single_map_place] El Tesoro Mall, Medellin – Antioquia [/ single_map_place]


    • Río Sur Mall: This mall features mostly local services such as spa, gym, barber shop, pharmacy and excellent local restaurants and nightclubs. There are some of the most elegant and high quality of the city sites. For example, Sixttina (one of my favorite clubs), Kukaramakara disco, Delaire Sky Lounge restaurant-nightclub, La Bolsa nightclub, among many others that you should visit to live great experiences.

    Login here to know all the brands found in Río Sur mall.

    [Single_map_place] # 26-6S El Poblado, Medellin, Antioquia [/ Single_map_place]



    • La Causa:

      Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, serving delicious dishes prepared with the most delicious and fresh ingredients, perfect portions and the best flavors. The customer service they have is certainly excellent; the waiters are very polite, attentive and fast. The waiting time for the food arrives at the table is very short. The setting and lighting of the place is very pleasant and you can enjoy a table inside the restaurant or out of it with the same comfort. It is located in the town just two blocks up from Parque Lleras.

    La Causa fan page on Facebook.

    [Single_map_place] the 8th Carrera 33 No 41, Medellin, Colombia [/ single_map_place]


    • Royal Thai: An authentic Thai food restaurant that was founded in 2009. Located in Lleras park. Its infrastructure is elegant Thai style, excellent lighting and very good atmosphere with appropriate music to enjoy the food. The menu is in Spanish and English. The service from the waiters is very respectful and timely, and although sometimes the food can take a while, it’s worth waiting.

    For the menu, prices and other access here.

    Royal Thai by Club Pasaporte VIP

    Royal Thai by Club Pasaporte VIP


    [Single_map_place] Cl. The 8th # 5, Medellin, Antioquia [/ single_map_place]


    • Sushi Market:

      One of the best sushi restaurants in the city. With always fresh ingredients and excellent preparations, it stimulates your senses and allows for a journey through the exquisite world of sushi, delicious salads and other preparations.
      It has several branches in the city, to discover where they are and know the menu access here.


    • Delaire Sky Lounge: One of the best Roof Top in Medellin, elegant, with a beautiful wooden floor, tables with a wonderful view of the city, excellent and romantic lighting and good music to accompany the meal. Definitely one of the nicest restaurants you can find. Rustic kitchen, meats, wraps and more. Excellent sangria with lychees and other combinations. Delaire is also an excellent place to enjoy cocktails at the bar, or spend an amazing night out in the area that is disco. Thoroughly recommended place, located in the Río Sur Mall. Open until 2 am.
    Delaire Sky Lounge by Rio Sur Mall site.

    Delaire Sky Lounge by Rio Sur Mall site.


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      One of the best restaurants to enjoy typical Colombian food is 3Típicos located in Provenza, El Poblado. Excellent customer service and delicious flavors of Colombian cuisine.

      Visit their Facebook Page.

    [Single_map_place] Local 179, Cra. 34 # 7-05, Medellin, Antioquia [/ single_map_place]


    • Humo:

      Restaurant from the southern United States offers delicious steaks and an excellent atmosphere to enjoy lunch, dinner or an evening with some drinks.

    To learn more about the menu, hours and other updates visit their Facebook page.


    • Sushi Train:

      Located in the Hotel Diez, Sushi Train offers a different experience to enjoy the wonderful world of sushi. Conveyors with plates of sushi give you the opportunity to select the one you want to eat. It is certainly one of the restaurants with the freshest ingredients and the best combinations.

    Find out in their Facebook page.


    • El Cielo:

      A restaurant for an experience definitely memorable, with an elegant ambience of the place and delicious food, El Cielo says in its philosophy “In this family we work every day with a different approach, based on the love of our lives and crafts, enjoying every moment we live, act with joy and passion, are artisans and even though our work is ephemeral, our reason for being is to steal heart and a smile, to remember us all your life.” With these words there is nothing more to say, just let yourself to live good experiences.

    Visit their website.

    [Single_map_place] Carrera 40 # 10A-22, Medellin, El Poblado [/ single_map_place]


    • Astor: Located on Paseo Junin, Medellin center, this restaurant serves delicious meals and prepares the best desserts and chocolates. The Moros are one of its specialties and one of its representative desserts. It is a classic place in Medellin, and I know any Colombian grandparent have very good stories to tell about what they experienced years ago in this restaurant.

    Visit their website for all its products and history.


    Moros by Respostería Astor on Pinterest.

    Moros by Respostería Astor on Pinterest.

    [Single_map_place] Cra. 49 # 52-84, Medellin, Antioquia [/ single_map_place]


    Those are some of the best restaurants in town, but there are many more with all kinds of food and price ranges. Venture to eat in Medellin our dishes and take a stroll through the delicious international food –So you can enjoy it without traveling-. As a final recommendation, if you like good Colombian coffee, most recommend sites are Pergamino and Velvet, and if you want to go to one of the most classical cafes in Medellin certainly you have to visit Versalles in Medellin center, in the famous Paseo Junin.


    Welcome to Medellin!

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