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India, A country which has been attracting tourist on a massive scale since ages because of its unique diversified culture where there is an abundance of natural beauty in its every corner. Mcloedganj, A place situated in Himachal Pradesh one of the beautiful state of India. Mcloedganj represents the magnificent natural beauty of India as it’s surrounded by picturesque mountains, green lusty landscape, colourful Tibetan markets & charming monasteries. Mcloedganj is a part of kangra district in Himachal Pradesh.Since past few years, Mcloedganj has become a permanent residence of Israeli folks who had come here as a tourist but now spending their life being a localite of Mcloedganj. Mcloedganj can be called as a mini Tibet as its land of Dalai Lama.

In year 2015, I decided to travel solo in my own country India. What could have been the better option than Mcloedganj so I packed my bags & headed towards Mcloedganj? I had taken a flight till Chandigarh & from there public buses go regularly to Mcloedganj. Throughout my journey, I felt lost in its beautiful hilly roads. It will take you to some magical world where there is only Peace, Love & Happiness in everyone’s eyes. When I reached Mcloedganj in the morning around 6 o’clock, weather was so frizzy & amazing. As soon as I got down from the bus I headed towards Bhagsu waterfall to relax my mind as it’s so pleasant one can spend his/her whole time at Bhagsu waterfall. Then after spending some quality time I came to Jimmy’s cafe to have my breakfast. I still can feel the taste of its mouth-watering yummy food. After a heavy breakfast I took a cab till base camp of Triund hills from where trekkers start their trek. My luggage was the major drawback of my whole trek so I highly suggest one should carry fewer luggages while trekking. You should always carry enough water so that you can save money as on top water is more expensive. I made so many new friends during my trek as I was alone exploring. It was a moderate trek but as I trekked for the 1st time I found it difficult as one should be fit for trekking otherwise it becomes very tiring. I trekked till Triund & spent a night under the star shining sky. Amazing sunrise made me fall in love with Mcloedganj. After spending a day, I trekked down to explore Tibetan markets & some more Israeli cafe. After discovering beautiful corners of Mcloedganj I realized one thing how travelling help us to except people across the world. Here I am suggesting few spots to visit in Mcloedganj which will help you to discover more.


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Major Highlights of Mcloedganj 

  • Bhagsu Waterfall: A holy temple called Bhagsunath is a place which is encompassed by a marvellous waterfall – “Bhagsu Waterfall”. Crystal clear holy waterfall is one of the major tourist spot in Mcloedganj where people come to have holy bath. People of Mcloedganj worship this waterfall as its holy place in Mcloedganj.


  • Tibetan Market: The colourful market located at the Mcloedganj chowk is one of the best shopping places for tourist if you want to explore Tibetan stuff like clothes, ornaments & footwear. One of the Crowed place of Mcloedganj as the whole market area is the major tourist spot.


  • Triund Trek: Mcloedganj has become the best tourist spot in India as it gives you the best option to trek to beautiful Triund. Treks which will make you feel “Wow”. 3 hours trek will make you fall in love with its breathtaking adventure. Camping at Triund hills is the must to do thing if you are in Mcloedganj. You will have all the facility on top where you put your tent or you can rent a tent. Food options are also available & its reasonable as well.Without a trek till Triund hill, your journey is incomplete so Do not even dare to miss this trek.


  • Israeli Cafe: As I had mentioned above, In Mcloedganj one can witness pure Israeli hippy culture as it’s fully encircled by artistic Israeli cafes. Where ambience of each cafe will win your heart with its decorous beauty. So I highly recommend to explore Israeli cafe’s though it’s expensive but worth exploring.


  • Dalai Lama Monasteries: Dalai Lama monastery where you will have another flavour of Tibetan culture. Beautiful elegant monasteries represent small Tibet in Mcloedganj. Many tourist visit Mcloedganj to see Dalai Lama Monastery which is recognised worldwide. Mediate & regain your peace of mind which you might have lost.


  • Israeli Cuisine: Mouth-watering Israeli cuisine is the thing you can’t afford to miss. As it’s so delicious, you cannot stop yourself from eating more & more. Hash potatoes & Salad is my personal favourite but you will enjoy varieties of Israeli cuisine in Mcloedganj.So pamper your tummy with yummy food options.

Mcloedganj is one of the safest places to discover as people of Mcloedganj are very helpful & kind by nature so any traveller can explore Mcloedganj without any securities issues. A beautiful place, which is highly recommended as even I had started my Solo travel journey with this place so it’s always closer to my heart. Mountains can be your best buddy if you are travelling solo. Life is really short so keep exploring, keep inspiring others. Learn a true meaning of life through travel. Last I want to say any more information regarding this place, feel free to ask any questions. I would really appreciate your honest suggestions so your suggestions are most welcome.


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