Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.


Kuala Lumpur, Petronas Twin Towers and Menara Tower.

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Coming here without preparation I sentenced myself get lost on the first day. Brain rebooted unsuccessfully trying to sort out in the names, the signs, and inscriptions. From the native latin alphabet here consists everywhere written funny words like “Perdana”, “Titiwangsa” “McDonald’s” and “Salamat Datang” – translates from Malay as Welcome. Also, this is name one of my Tatar friend – Salamat Datang Almazovich. By the way, he would fit perfectly here. Walking around the city, you can very quickly learn to distinguish 50 shades of brown if will look at people, who probably, coming here from all the countries of the East – the Middle and the Far East and what else is there between East and Far.

If you get tired of looking at the brown people, you can switch to look at attractions that make up the entire city. Seriously, all the city. Even the trash and homeless people are scattered along the roads like art-house, very atmospheric.

Trying to stand in the center of the city, close your eyes and imagine a Russian salad “Vinegret” (you can google-it). Now fast open your eyes. No need worry if you do not notice the difference. Your eyelids are not broken, and you are not crazy. Just everything here is so bright, colors so juicy, everything so technological and artsy. Exactly like in the Ryazan city Fairs 200 years ago.
Look at height and a number of skyscrapers you may be assumed that their owners have serious problems with self-esteem. Truly man’s game “Who’s longer” in KL came to an entirely new level. But this pile of stone, glass, and metal, does not spoil the impression. On the contrary, the feeling that I got on pages of science fiction books about the near future. All the time spent there, I was waiting for that now, over my head, will be flying a car like from “5 element”-movie or will open a teleportation portal from which will come a knight in armor, with a laser sword, and by an intelligent octopus. Local alcoholics said that sometimes it happens. They can be trusted. How not to believe the people who were able to become alcoholics in the Muslim country?

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Petronas Twin Towers


Petronas. In Malaysia is not a dirty word. This is the name, probably, the main attraction in the city’s – Petronas Towers, the twin skyscrapers, connected by a glass bridge. They are huge, even more than my debts on loans. They are beautiful. It’s like two Ian Somerhalder’s among the skyscrapers. Crowds of Chinese tourists are happy to stand in the huge queues and happy to part with 80 MYR (about $ 30) to climb to the 86 floor and squeal with fear, standing on a glass bridge. Stand in huge queues, expend dollars and screaming on the glass bridges – Chinese national trait. All others trying to buy tickets on the official website Petronas Twin Towers. At the square near skyscrapers is going on energetic selling fisheye-cap for a phone camera, that those Chinese people buying at exorbitant prices. By the way, the same Chinese people making and selling these things to Malaysia in 10 times cheaper. Also there, on the square, immediately carried out 24-hours-selfie-photoshoot. Results can be viewed in Instagram with hashtag #petronastower.

The Menara Tower (The KL Tower)

And in general, if you are the type of people who like to feel small and insignificant, then KL – the “must-see” destination to visit.


Aside from the twin skyscrapers, I was crushed with grandeur TV Tower Menara. In the competition for the best review, Menara wins Petronas Towers by a wide margin. Because she stands on top of a hill. So that the total height more than 400 meters above the city. It takes 7th place highest in the world. And due to the bright backlight, Menara Tower is called “the Garden of Light”. And only many years not getting enough sleep the residents of neighboring houses called this Tower using more rude words. Hill with Menara Tower from all sides overgrown natural national park Bukit Nanas. It is the oldest nature reserve, which received its status in 1906. In the reserve, besides security guards, which occupied all the benches for sleep, you can find a lot of preserved species of forest animals and tropical trees. Surprisingly but at the top of Tower just few people, despite the more affordable prices, crazy view on the city, a revolving restaurant and an abundance of breathless pigeons.

Petronas and Menara – main high-rise buildings Kuala Lumpur’s. But of course not the only ones. Even in the center of the city is an active construction. And on the roof of each of the second skyscraper have a restaurant or bar. Prices and themes are very different and for every taste, even if you’re Prana-food lover, you’re fish or robot-alcoholic. But about these and other places, I’ll tell you in my other article….

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