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Apart from being the birthplace of world famous inventions like H&M, Ikea and Spotify, Sweden is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian countries. With great employment benefits and social security, locals are generally happy and content, making Sweden one of the happiest nations on Earth. 89% Swedish speak English which makes it very tourist friendly as well as a great student hub. In the south of Sweden, in the county of Skåne is a gorgeous little town called Lund. I had the privilege to live and work in Lund for around 2 years. Lund is a cobblestone, medieval, pastel-colored town. It is a safe, multicultural place with cute green colored biogas buses running around the town very efficiently until late at night. You will see a lot of bicycles around as almost everyone owns a bicycle and is one of the most prevalent modes of transport among students.

Downtown Lund

Perfect Town For Students

Lund is a university town where the 16th century University is actually the hugest unit for higher education as well as research in the country. Despite of being small with only approximately 110,000 people, a lot of international students and employees make Lund a lively and vibrant town. It is a perfect location for education or a day trip from Copenhagen for tourists.

Lund University

University Library

Best Day Trip From Copenhagen

For tourists spending time in Copenhagen, coming to Lund by train for day is one of the best daytrips to Sweden. One of the best aspects of living in or visiting Lund is the proximity to an international airport. Copenhagen Kastrup Airport is a mere 32 minutes train ride over the Oresund Bridge. Lund is situated near to Sweden’s southwest coast, making all neighboring towns easy to access. If you buy a return ticket: leaving by train from Copenhagen to Lund and returning by ferry from Helsinborg to Helsingor, you can see a couple of towns around for a small price. But just a single trip to Lund is worth it!

Things To See In Lund

Lund is a picturesque town and it is one of the oldest cities of Sweden. The city is dominated by university buildings, beautiful Romanesque Cathedral, open-air museum called Kulturen, gorgeous parks and overall a very relaxed environment.

Here is a list of a couple of things to see in Lund:


Kulturen is an open-air museum which has exhibitions of houses built ages ago (another one and much larger museum called Skansen is in Stockholm). These ancient houses on exhibition were moved to the site in 1892. The houses in Kulturen show settings and way of living of four different classes: the nobles, the clergy, the peasants and the burghers.

An old house displayed at Kulturen

Lund Cathedral

Once in Lund, you cannot miss the most impressive and magnificent 12th century Romanesque Cathedral. Being one of the most impressive Cathedrals in Northern Europe, Lund Cathedral is influenced by Rhenish architectural style. It also hosts the famous large astronomical clock. Astronomical clock (also in Prague) is a 15th-century masterpiece. The clock plays twice a day: at noon and 3 pm (1 pm and 4 pm on Sundays). Is it a minute long performance and I is definitely worth seeing. The Cathedral also has a crypt underneath which is definitely worth seeing. It seems a bit spooky. There are 18 columns in the crypt and 2 of them have figures clinging on to the columns. Legend says these figures are giant Finn and his wife.They are believed to have helped in building the Cathedral, but once they felt cheated, they also tried to destroy it. Before they were able to tumble the pillars, the turned into stones.

WP_20150703_16_25_10_Pro__highres WP_20140910_13_36_15_Pro 6tag_030715-192602 IMG_7097 WP_20140910_13_30_58_Pro Lund Cathedral

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Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens (Botaniska trädgården) situated right in the centre of the town, is open to public daily without any entrance cost. The gardens cover an area of 8 hectares and has around 7000 plant species. 200 of these plant species are found in the greenhouses which represent 9 distinct climate zones. The greenhouse is equipped with such a control system, it keeps necessary optimal conditions of each and every plant growing there. It is definitely an oasis right in the centre of Lund just a few months walk from downtown. Perfect place for a quiet walk despite of the weather, these gardens are always beautiful. There are also cozy cafes inside the gardens, with a marvelous view of plants, flowers and a pond. You will find a lot of people picnicking around with families and walking their dogs.

Lund Botanical Gardens Lund Botanical Gardens

Sketches Museum

This museum is called “Skissernasmuseum” and it demonstrates how artworks are made. There are numerous models and several sketches illustrating the entire process right from conception of the ideal to the final physical manifestation of an art. It is right night to the University Library.

WP_20150111_15_01_02_Pro__highres Sketches Museum

Best Places To Eat In Lund

So Swedish “fika” aka coffee break is world famous, and the cute cozy cafes in Lund will not disappoint you. I tried a bunch of cafes while I was there and here is a list of some places you must try.

Coffee break

One of the best places for a coffee break with a wonderful friendly staff, delicious homemade bread and really good coffee is Coffee Break. It is situated near the Cathedral.

Coffee at Coffee Break

Ebbas Skafferi

This is another great cozy café for “Swedish fika”. It’s located near the Central Station and Grand Hotel. Serving fine coffee and a variety of delicious cakes, Ebbas has a wonderful ambience with bohemian style furniture.


This is a lovely little tea place right behind the central station. They have all types of teas and homemade pies. It is a perfect place for brunch with homemade scones. They also sell cute mug and teapots.

Bunch at TeKulturen

The John Bull Pub

A cozy, conveniently located English Pub. They serve good ciders. It is adjacent to Grand Hotel and there are several other restaurants including Thai and Indian right opposite.

My first Lunch in Lund at The John Bull Pub

Below is a link made my Lund University to help people get from Copenhagen Airport to Lund by train. I watched something similar when I first moved to Lund back in September 2014:










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