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Studying can be the worst thing ever but also comes with plenty of fun stuff such as internships abroad! I would love to share my experience as an intern in Sydney with you guys.

For my tourism course in Holland I had to find an internship. I had the options to stay home or grab the chance to go on adventure. I instantly choose the second option. Why stay in the same environment where you’ve been so long when you can explore new things and make memories that will last a lifetime.

In this article I’ll discuss the general reasons for people to go abroad and after that I’ll tell you my own experience and story.

Reasons for doing an internship abroad 

There are multiple reasons why people go abroad to study or an internship. I will discuss some of these reasons with you and then share my own motivation.

The first reason is to work on your future. It looks very good on your resume when future employers see that you’ve done your internship abroad. This is because doing an internship abroad takes courage and shows that you’re an independent person who is motivated to learn and experience new things

Another good reason is to develop your skills in a certain language. While living in a different country where they speak another language you get pushed to speak the language. You’ll be surprised how fast you learn the language and how comfortable you are in speaking the foreign language after a while.

Extending your network is also a great reason to go abroad. While travelling, working or studying abroad you meet lots of people from different countries. All these people can offer you great opportunities which can benefit you in the future.

The most important reason to go abroad is to have the experience of a lifetime! During the internship you can go travelling on the weekend and you can have a great time with all the new friends you make. Living abroad comes with adventures and new experiences. You find yourself doing things you’ve never dreamed of doing, which is amazing.

My experience as an intern in Australia 

The reason for me to come to Australia was the well-known relaxed Aussie way of life. I’m in Sydney for 3 months now and have noticed that the people really are that chill and relaxed. Even at my internship the people are really laidback and extremely friendly! I’ve heard so many stories about people going to Australia and just having the best times of their lives that I got very curious and decided to go myself. Also the nature that you can find in Australia made me want to go. Australia offers great natural and cultural sights which can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

For me one of the best things of an internship abroad is the chance to see something of another country combined with your study. During mid-week it’s time for serious things, but in the weekends you can go on adventures with friends you’ve just met and have probably the best time ever. You can go and learn about another culture and get involved in the local way of life, you can just go out and grab some beers, go hiking through nature you can’t find at home, there is an insane amount of things you can do. You’ll never have a dull moment when you’re abroad.

When I came to Australia I was alone and didn’t know anybody of course, so I went on a surf weekend. A great opportunity to meet some people and have a typical Aussie experience, because let’s be honest.. surfing is something you MUST do whilst in Australia. The whole experience was just amazing, you just went surfing for a bit had some lunch went surfing some more and just enjoyed the moment. Until this day I’m still hanging out with the friends I made during that weekend.

Another great thing I experienced about going abroad alone is the personal development part. You really get to know yourself and have the chance to make mistakes and solving them by yourself without the help of others. When the homesickness kicks in you have to find a way to deal with it and live with the fact your far away from the world that’s so safe and familiar. I have experienced some tough moments during my time here but I just try to keep myself busy so that I don’t even have the time to get extremely homesick. Also the ability to Skype home once in a while makes living abroad a bit easier. You don’t feel that far away and a bit more involved in the life that goes on at home while you’re not there.

Another great challenge is the language barrier I’m dealing with. Even though I started learning English at school at a young age, dealing with all kinds of accents and slang that Aussies use a lot makes it quite difficult. Sometimes I’m struggling with finding the right words or make correct sentences, luckily the Australians and my other colleagues are very understanding and help me out as much as they can. I just keep thinking: “you don’t improve yourself by only doing the easy things”.

Sometimes people are scared to go abroad on their one because they think it’s hard to make friends and feel at home, but trust me it’s easier than you think. I made my first friend the first 5 minutes I arrived in my hostel. There was this Dutch girl sitting alone on her bed and we instantly started talking. Until this day we are still doing weekend trips together and she really became a genuine friend. If you are struggling to find some friends you can just easily go on trips, this is probably the best way to meet people and start new friendships that may last a lifetime.

If you have the chance to go abroad and you’re not sure yet or you’re scared.. I really recommend you to go. At first it’s scary but the moment you arrive and make your first friend you will be so happy that you took that opportunity and went for it! You’ll explore a new part of the world and have a lot of benefits of it in the future.


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