Kanyakumari – where three oceans meet!

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Landscapes n the road to Kanyakumari

Landscapes on the road to Kanyakumari

Way to Kanyakumari 

I traveled with my family to south India from New Delhi for 10 days in the month of march, 2015 and we planned a one day road trip to Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin) from Allepey which was approx 235 Kms and took us 6 hrs to reach by car. Kanyakumari is small Tamil village situated at the tip of southern India where three oceans meet (Bay of Bengal, Indian ocean and Arabian sea). The uniqueness of this place is its location. I realized my car was running on the boundaries of southern India. My joy knew no bounds when I saw blue ocean at my right side from the gap between coconut trees planted on roadside. On the way the roman architecture of bungalows on both side of road were fascinating. Then we passed through various banana orchards and series of coconut farms. Although, the weather was humid yet soothing cool breeze helped us surviving the heat. According to the local people the best weather to visit south India is October to march. Our car driver Dayalan was very helpful and personally a travel guide to me. He saved our lots of time and answered happily to every question we asked him. The road journey was like escapism.


Swami Vivekanand Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue in the background

Kankyakumari Delights
There are two big popular spots in Kanyakumari built on the rock islands so we decided to see them first. One is Swami Vivekanand Memorial (Swami Vivekanand was a Indian Hindu monk ) and the other is Thiruvalluvar Statue (Thiruvalluvar was a Tamil poet and philosopher). They can only be reached by ferry run by the state government with the cheap fare which had particular timings so we had to wait for 45 mins to get on and 5 minutes to reach the memorial first. The weather and atmosphere was so different up on the memorial as compared to the Kanyakumari land. My hair, my scarf, my clothes were blowing madly in the strong winds. The sound of the high tides in the ocean just took me to an unimaginable place. To the left and right, forward, back, and below, all I can see was ocean. Water seemed to me beautiful, amazing, limitless, frightening and paradise all at the same time. Vivekananda Rock memorial has a special meditation room which is absolutely peaceful for meditation. There is also Mahatma Gandhi memorial built on the same rock. There were small counters having books of literature on Swami Vivekananda. I saw number of wind mills placed in a matrix kind of pattern installed by government for power generation. Then a little bit on the right side of it I could see a grand building which was Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant. I clicked few pictures there with my family and then moved to the second location by ferry again in 5 minutes. The statue is so tall that if we look up by standing at the foot of the statue, it will look as if the top will touch the sky. There were stairs that will took you to the top floor of the statue. I could no longer bear the strong winds so I decided to stay back and sit watch the ocean spending my alone time. But my family decided to go upstairs and they told me that they could see the whole Kanyakumari city which was seeming to be small, walk able and beautiful surrounded by water. Within 15-20 minutes I boarded ferry to get back to the shore.

Named After
Then I saw the Triveni sangam where I could hardly recognize the three oceans meeting, all seeming to be alike. Then we went to see Devi Kanya Kumari temple where Swami Vivekananda came to seek Devi’s blessing in December 1892, as Devi is the goddess of Sanyasa. It is in this location he decided to embark on the Missionary Work to a higher level of action rather than being passive like the usual Sanyasis. The city Kanyakumari is named after the goddess ” Kanya Kumari “. There were rules and regulations to enter into the temple i.e particular traditional types of clothes, so could not make it inside the temple.

Appetite & Shopping
After travelling for hours my stomach was aching for some solid food and then my family also decided to take a break for food. There were many restaurants mostly serving vegetarian classic South Indian style dishes so I had that only and relished the exotic food. I wanted to buy some gifts for my friends back at home so I quickly had a look around the market and saw star fishes, mirrors decorated with shells, Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, candle stand, key rings, idols, etc. I bought few of the items and searched for my mother. She bought a saree for herself made of popular silk fabric known as Kanchipuram Saree . Being a tourist place they tell you higher prices but if you are good at bargaining you can get things at cheaper price though language will be a barrier.


Unforgettable sunset captured by me

Perfect End
Being short on time we rushed to sunset point. The sight for watching sunset was amazing though was crowded a bit.The setting sun was a treat to watch from that location. I loved the orange background and sound of the waves. Big waves pound on the shore, small waves lap at the shore. They roll and crash into the shore. They wash over sand and rocks. Then the most amazing moment came when just few minutes before the sunset whole sky turned in orange color reflected by the ocean. To capture the visual treat there were flashes of camera everywhere. It got dark after the sunset. We had Ice cream there while I looked at the Immortal & limitless water thinking it to be the end of all the things on earth. I did not want to leave that heavenly moment but keeping the memories in my mind and soul we headed for Trivandrum.

– Cover your body from heat and strong winds.
– Drink lots of water
– Do not waste time waiting for ferry utilise it in nearby local markets
– One day is enough for this location (Road trip is best)
– Do not miss SUNSET & SUNRISE

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