Jakarta & Cianjur


Farewell Holland!

There you are alone in the plane, after having said goodbye to friends and family. Very strange feeling not to see them three seasons. In Hong Kong, I had an eight-hour layover. Enough time to even in the city go out and eat a sandwich. Unfortunately, I myself had already checked in by a silly mistake for the next flight, and I could not leave the airport …


Arriving in Jakarta are your brains overwhelmed by impressions: heat, massive traffic, unfamiliarity. I took a bus and a tuktuk to my hostel in central Jakarta. It was late and the trip there I was ready for bed. You hear lots of stories about how relaxed and free life is the people, I thought you had to be sucked into it, and so I looked at the cat from the tree. The next day I did the touristy things running from Jakarta (10 million inhabitants) views. No one can walk or cycle, everyone carries them through a bus, scooter or car. What a terribly dirty city, happy that I was leaving the next day the city. In the hostel I had on some short conversations after little contact with other travelers. Probably through my kijkdekatuitdeboom setting.

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Tomorrow I plan to take the train to Yogyakarta. Then I must unfortunately say goodbye to these wonderful people, but I will promise to come back!

Photos from the school, but two floors.
Photo of Jakarta, Arsy, rice plantations and socializing in the hostel

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