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Farewell Holland!

There you are alone in the plane, after having said goodbye to friends and family. Very strange feeling not to see them three seasons. In Hong Kong, I had an eight-hour layover. Enough time to even in the city go out and eat a sandwich. Unfortunately, I myself had already checked in by a silly mistake for the next flight, and I could not leave the airport …


Arriving in Jakarta are your brains overwhelmed by impressions: heat, massive traffic, unfamiliarity. I took a bus and a tuktuk to my hostel in central Jakarta. It was late and the trip there I was ready for bed. You hear lots of stories about how relaxed and free life is the people, I thought you had to be sucked into it, and so I looked at the cat from the tree. The next day I did the touristy things running from Jakarta (10 million inhabitants) views. No one can walk or cycle, everyone carries them through a bus, scooter or car. What a terribly dirty city, happy that I was leaving the next day the city. In the hostel I had on some short conversations after little contact with other travelers. Probably through my kijkdekatuitdeboom setting.


The next day I was picked up by a van and taken to Cianjur. A three-hour ride, could take much longer if the driver was not a maniac. A lack of humor, small (2.3 m!) City. I had booked 3 nights in a hotel type. Run by a family with some locals. After arriving I was like a delicious lunch. I eat here three times a day rice with something there. The local food is divine unexaggeratable, sorry Dad, slightly better than at home! The people of this hotel offer several trips in the area. I chose to go to school after lunch to the local English lessons, was collected by a cousin of the hotel owner and a teacher. This good man was, I heard afterwards, told his cousin this time to take a nice teacher. In the school I was given a courteous reception. Enjoyed the enthusiasm of the children and teachers and the atmosphere. It seemed totally at a school. At 1 o’clock I left the hotel. A trip of two hours ended late in the evening. Until dinner time I gechillt in the school with pupils and teachers Rivan, nephew of the hotel owner. I have also been useful, they used me as a practice instrument for their English.Around dinnertime names Rivan, his cousin from South Korea (Mario), the teacher (Arsy) which is indeed very beautiful and nice, and a lecturer me to a according to their best local eatery. And not surprisingly, it was indescribable nice and cozy. Then she took me to a bar where a band was playing. Rivan is an artist by profession, knew some people over there and grabbed the microphone. After a while I took over the drumsticks … They took me to ‘home’, the people of the hotel made me feel like I was home.
At home there appeared to be a group of tourists from different countries arrived (20-25 years). With a taste of all the traveling, I struck up a conversation and it was a long day. Chat, cards, table tennis with males from the area. They come after work often chilling at the hotel.
The night that followed was restless, saw just above my head, a huge rat on a ridge walk, so I was wide awake at every sound. A night later, I was happy transferred, even though I had said nothing of the rat. There I found too nice to people. The third day I went was with a local guide, who could not stop talking about how beautiful (but too long), the European women do not, and two older French women to the rice fields and tea plantations. Delicious fresh air and interesting how primitive people live there among the rice fields in villages. There also arrive at the ricefields few tourists, we got to see a lot of puzzled looks. Local transport brought us towards it, a mini-minivan with too many people in it.
After dinner, Mario took me. The teachers of the English-class school went out for dinner and wanted me to come along too. I’ve eaten cow brains and cowhide. Really, but this was surely the least tasty in Indonesia to date. To be honest it was just gross, haha.
At home, there was a new group arrived, this time with two Dutch ladies there. Funny to talk Dutch, my English is still pretty bad. It was a pleasant evening, glad I katuitdeboomkijken forever I left Jakarta.
The last day at the hotel I have a cooking course followed by the ladies who cook every day for guests. So many herbs and oils into a dish I unfortunately little I remember.
Then comes the day when you have to leave Cianjur. But I did not feel like it, I felt so happy, and had met very nice people. I also was by Interlingua, English-class school, asked to go on the weekend to a camp which they organized. They invited me for the two nights, from Thursday to Saturday, sleeping at school. Along with some teachers and Mario I slept there for two nights. What I did on Thursday and Friday is relaxing in the school, learning Dutch people bought a second phone for a local SIM card. This smartphone was just 50 euro + 4gb internet SIM card 54 euro total. They took the morning, afternoon and evening the best dishes. There was even a shower, really a top hotel and they wanted to know anything about money.
It is now Saturday, camp has begun. Older children, young children, teachers, parents, another invited American. There’s everything around.I wonder what it’s all arranged.

Tomorrow I plan to take the train to Yogyakarta. Then I must unfortunately say goodbye to these wonderful people, but I will promise to come back!

Photos from the school, but two floors.
Photo of Jakarta, Arsy, rice plantations and socializing in the hostel


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