How Travel Changed my Life!


Picture this –

Your driving along the highway in your camper van signing along to songs with your loved ones by your side, you don’t have a worry in the world. Today’s a new day absolutely nothing like yesterday, you don’t have a place to be, a time schedule, no ones waiting on you…
You wake up to a new smell, new scenery, new sights, new adventures everyday. From the moment you open your eyes to the moment you shut them you take in and learn new things.
Everything around you takes on a vibrancy that you haven’t experienced since you were a child. It’s an amazing experience, being free, to live your life.

That was our life 8 months ago –

In 2014 after both finishing up in the coal mines in Queensland, my partner Kyle and I travelled the east coast of Australia.

1770/Agnes waters, It was our last day here, we woke up to the rising sun shining through our door way, we could hear the ocean and literally see the waves crashing onto the sand just metres in-front of us. We had decided the previous day that we wanted to spend our last night taking on nature the best we could instead of paying $50+ a night to stay at a campsite where the only enjoyable moment was lighting those little green insect sticks to keep the mozzies away, we wanted to camp by the beach and by the beach i mean on it, we packed up our stuff and headed  down to a secluded beach we had been surfing on the past few days and set up camp, it was beautiful. Stretching as we climbed out of our squished up pup up home (2 man tent), barying our feet into the sand, as i felt the burning of the Queensland sun on my skin I took a deep breath, all i could taste the salty water in the air, without a second thought we grabbed our surf boards and ran straight for the ocean.
Before we knew it we were already on the road driving through thousands and thousands of pine trees singing along to AC/DC on our way to Bundaberg to see my grandmother (AKA. Nan)
After a few hours on the road we finally made it to the town i grew up in, notoriously know for making “Bundaberg Rum, Sarsperalla and so on” at this point it had been around 5 – 6 hours since our skin had touched the ocean, so off we went to Elliot heads and had a swim.
It wasn’t until we were half way back to my nan’s house in Bargara (about a 20 minute drive) that we realised kyle wallet was missing (he had one of those wallets that you can put your phone in as well, thats how we realised it was missing, we couldn’t find his phone), we were freaking out, his bank was the only bank we had money in and I didn’t use a phone at that point (such a silly mistake), so we quickly turned around went to the beach, it wasn’t were we had parked, or put our stuff while we went for a swim previously. As we were running around like mad people trying to find kyle wallet we noticed some Council workers, i quickly ran over to them and asked them if they had seen our wallet and discribed it to them and what it contained (eg. licence, bank cards, phone blah blah blah) they then told us to “go check the shop up the road” so in the car we got and quickly (but safely) we turned around and drove back up the street to this little convience store on the corner of the bend. Kyle ran in there and moments later came back out with a smile on his face. WE FOUND IT! Apparently an elderly couple had found Kyle’s wallet where we had parked, taken it upto the little shop and went back to the beach and let the council workers know incase someone came back. Thank you so much to that elderly couple!

The next morning we woke up in my nans house to the smell of bacon (I’m not a big meat eater, but who doesn’t like to wake up to the smell of bacon? YUM!!) It was so nice to be waking up in a real bed, having a real shower in privacy, not having to wear thongs while i showered (haha) Kyle and I kicked our butts into gear and climbed out of bed and had some breaky, afterwards we decided we would hit the road again that day. Before leaving we went out for lunch at a Tavern my nan plays bowls at. Our lunch was beautiful, and very cheap! We were so full, so we just sat there for a while just chatting away with nan.
On our way out, Kyle wanted to have a go on the pokies, neither him or myself had ever played before so nan showed us how. Kyle didn’t really understand so he just pressed some buttons, he ended up doing a $3 bet, and BAM!!! All of these wizard hats came up, the machine was going crazy, we were like “what the heck?? NAN what happened?” She ran over and literally just started crying, “YOU WON THE JACKPOT”  With that single press of the button, Kyle had won us $4,750. (I don’t recommend trying this all the time, just a one off, i currently work in a Casino, it was just luck, it doesn’t happen, hardly ever!)

That was 3 days, see how much happens in 3 days?

Thats only some of the good bits, the thing about travelling is that it isn’t always going to be the good times, bad things will happen, like i mean bad! Someone could get injured or sick, your trip could get cut short, or you will have to pay hundreds, maybe thousands for doctor bills, you could lose all your belongings, you money, your transport could break down, god knows what could happen! You need to prepare yourself, study, have a what if plan! Because if you don’t believe me, you will have a big problem!

When travelling we come across so many up and down moments, we could feel depression, loneliness, confusion, lost, even have second thoughts, but what you have to remember is, even in the real world (when i say the real world, i mean the world everyone else is in, waking up every morning to go to work then come home, pretty much just do the same thing, every day. It’s like someone has written the real world manual and put it on repeat for us all, it sucks) you will have these feelings. You just have to remember, you may come across obstacles travelling just like in life, that go against everything you know, go against ourselves in-fact. But all of those down moments build us to the person we are, our true selves.

We learn, we experience new surroundings, smells, tastes, people etc. We learn to actually love, both the world we live in and the people that surround us, even the people we don’t know, but mostly we learn to love ourselves. We grow to have a more open mind, we love waking up to the simple things like making a coffee on the campfire and waiting for our solar shower to heat up by the morning sun before our “daily scrub” as us aussies would say.
We just enjoy everything, love everything.

Travelling, the feeling it gives you, you won’t find it anywhere else! You won’t remember all those days working your life away, you won’t remember those times you spent hours sitting on your phone/computer, you will remember that time you stood up for the first time on a surf board, you will remember that time you went through thousands and thousands of pine trees singing along to AC/DC with the people/person you love.
You will remember all the good times, either it be at home with your family or on the road.

No matter where you travel, how long you go for, what you do, you will never, and i mean never regret it (unless something bad happens, but lets not think of that for now), you will always remember those amazing breath taking moments, so i say Travel and make a life worth remembering!

Thank you for your time, and we hope you enjoyed this!
Until next time,

Travel BuddiesAU


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