Historical town Gradačac

In Bosnia and Herzegovina

Traveling is a way to find yourself, learn more about your own needs and connect with people who travel with us. I really like travelling and I often travel with my family. My family in law lives in Gradačac, so I sometimes spend my weekend there. That is the reason why I want to share with you my personal experience about this city and people who live  there.

Gradačac is a town in the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina located 40 km south of the river Sava. Administratively, Gradačac is the part of the Tuzla Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Gradacas is historical small town with interesting history. Learning its history, we learn about bravery, courage, changes. It connects different cultures, history and modernity and show how great things work in a small locality.

It is not a big city, but you can see many destinations: historical destinations such as castle “Kula”, the mosque Husejnija, places for  shopping such as many stores with clothes, food, souvenirs, place to walk and rest such as lakes Hazna and Vidara and  spa facility Ilidža Spa Treatment Centre, the first spa facility, built on the thermal springs in Gradačac in 1882.

What to visit in Gradačac?

Gradačac`s Castle “Kula”

The city is well known for its castle. Gradačac Castle­ is a beautiful building with walls 18 metres  high, built between 1765 and 1821, and a watchtower 22 metres high, built in 1824 by Husein Kapetan Gradaščević, one of the leaders for Bosnia’s independence from Ottoman empire in the early 19th century.  Originally foundations were made by the Romans.  It is finished in the 19th century.  Therefore, fortification has great historic importance for Bosnians. It has been recently renovated. On the top there is a restaurant with  traditional food. The ticket for fortress is  cheap. Inside fortress there are some interesting rooms with exhibits. From here you can see beautiful views of the town. Also the views of the castle, from the town, are beautiful. The park below the tower is very nice and clean.

Gradacac`s Castle “Kula”

Gradacac`s Castle “Kula”

The mosque Husejnija

On the road to the castle you can see other historical building – the mosque Husejnija. Built in 1826, it features an octagonal dome roof and a particularly high minaret of 25 meters. 3 smaller octagonal domes are found above the verandah. The architectural complex of the mosque is appointed as a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This National Monument includes the mosque, abdesthana, library as well as harem with tombstones, and entrance gates.

After completing the tour of the castle, you can rest and enjoy in beautiful view of the tower, in the park below.  Don`t miss to drink Bosnian coffee and take some pictures.


Beautiful viev of the mosque Husejnija (minaret)

Two lakes Hazna and Vidara

Now, you can continue resting on the beach of the lake Hazna. Gradacac is town with two lakes. The lake Hazna is literally located on the area of the city. Citizens do not need to use means of transport to come to this beautiful lake whose water reflects the green forests of the southern side of the hill. Around the lake are decorated walkways and benches for rest. There is a motel with a summer garden above the water of the lake, as well as several attractive restaurants. They are decorated and camping grounds, and on the banks of sand and poured both created beautiful beaches. If you have kids, there is amazing place to play on playground. Sometimes everything you need is someone`s hand in your hand, one shoulder to lay your head on, and beautiful view. This is place for it. You can seat on the bench and just let your mind. Breath, breath and breath. Enjoy in beautiful view. blue water, sky and green forest. Do you need anything else to be happy, to feel blessed?

If you liked it, you should visit the lake Vidara. This lake is artificial; it was made by the partition of the local river. It is an oasis of clean water and clean air. The environment is green and the right atmosphere for the eyes. That same year, when he filled the lake was carried out and restocking but Lake has become a real pearl fishing. Around the lake are good pathways.

The lake Hazna

The lake Hazna



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Social life

Every year in August, Gradačac is the place where the traditional international fair for plums “Sajam šljive” (also known as “Šljivarevo”) is held. It attends by 250 presenters from Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Turkey and Hungary. This year I spent three days in Gradačac during “Sajam šljive” and represented make up products and business opportunity. That is great place and opportunity for every producers and sellers when they can represent their products, gain experience and learn from older colleagues.

Gradačac's plums

Gradačac’s plums

I represented cosmetics products on the "Sajam šljive"

I represented cosmetics products on the “Sajam šljive”

One of the most important thing on journey is food, so don`t forget to eat Bosnian traditional food Cevapi, Begova corba and drink Bosnian coffee. The food in Gradacac is cheap, so it is not expensive town. If you want to rest, enjoy and learn in the same time, come in this historical city. Gradacac is small city, but its buildings are talking about history, about healthy and nice behavior. On every step you can see kind people with smiles on their faces, they are ready to talk with you, give advice about the cheapest prices and instructions how to find something.

Bosnian coffee in traditional Bosnian dishes

Bosnian coffee in traditional Bosnian dishes

When you finish you all-day tour through Gradacac, one more time, come on the Gradacac`s Castle and look at the whole city. In one big hug you can put every house, every building, every mosque, church and save it in your memory. When sun is downing, Gradacac is becoming magical city, the city with more than ten shades of natural yellow-orange colors. People who live in small villages around Gradacac come in center. You can see young and older pairs walking, chatting, smiling… A lot of love, smile and kindness!  Place where people talk each other and where people are related.

Beautiful sunset viev

Beautiful sunset viev

Gradacac is place where you can meet Bosnian culture, all country in small city!!!

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