Happiness + Memories = Travelling


Each traveller has its own motivations and stories. We can all be very different, have different backgrounds and cultures, but normally, once you start travelling, there`s no getting back. You will always want more.

Why is travelling so addictive, and why do we even start?

There is comfort in what we know, in the familiar places, in being near the people we love. We built our lives around the idea of a home, a place to feel safe, and we construct our routines as part of ourselves.

There`s nothing better than coming home, and just be there, looking through the window, on a rainy day.

Even when we are perfectly happy – and that`s not always the case -, when we are so familiar with everything around us, the little things that make us happy can start to fade. They`re there, but we just start not to notice them.

The flower you received in a special occasion may become just a vase, and the real value of being near your loved ones can also start hiding behind normality.

Even our memories start to blur a little bit, when we always do the same things, and one day can become very much like every other day.

Sometimes there`s a need to stir things up a bit. Do something different, go somewhere new, or just get out of the house for something rather than work. Travelling is perfect for that!

I am talking about the big trips, as well as the small trips. Either if you plan a big escape to some foreign country, or just a small change of landscape. Going to a lake nearby, the beach, or just the next town, it all can bring some fresh air into your life, give you new perspectives, and more importantly, make you appreciate much more what you already have.

I`m not saying that it doesn`t has its perks, and normally it is very intense and tiring, but normally travelling is like hitting the refresh button: everything works better afterwards.

Don`t forget about the memories!

Travelling can provide you with some of your best memories, and some pretty good stories to tell.

I`m talking about the great achievements, like being able to climb the mountain, eat the ginormous burger, swim with the sharks, get a cab, and so on.

About the beautiful moments, the breath taking landscapes, the sunsets, dancing all night, having the best conversation of your life with a complete stranger or simply falling in love.

About the discovery of new flavours, new smells, new sounds, new cultures and people, or things inside yourself.

And about the great tragedies, that generally make us laugh in the end and make the best stories, like missing the plane, getting lost, loosing your baggage, being stuck in the middle of the road with your rental car, having a great fight and missing out on what should be the best time of your life.

This kind of thing, big or small can happen to you, will happen to you when you get out there. Sometimes it`s fun, sometimes it`s lonely, but it always worth’s your time.

If nothing else, you can bring souvenirs!

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It doesn`t have to be hard to plan, or expensive.

There is still this idea that to travel is or too hard to plan, or too expensive.

This was somehow true a few years back.

My grandparents were emigrants, and their experience of leaving the country was like a great, dangerous adventure. There were a lot of papers that you had to take care of for crossing the borders, plane tickets were extremely expensive, there was the language barrier, and so many other difficulties to go through. People needed to be brave to move, and they had to have an objective to do so. Travelling for fun wasn`t exactly an option.

My parents generation has a different idea. That a vacation normally happens once a year, it has to be planned for months, and you have to save a lot of money for it.

Before internet existed, or was as accessible and used as it is now, you could only rely on the travelling agencies, and if you were from a small place, there weren`t that many options. I understand, even not having a family yet, that travelling with children requires some things that can be a little expensive, but nowadays everything is easier, and travelling can be really cheap.

With the low cost companies, getting plain tickets to another country can be less expensive than going from a city to the other, and with the online check in, you can plan everything and even get your tickets without leaving your house.

There are a lot of special offers, with really nice prices in good hotels, in several sites. One more time, you can take care of it in a few minutes, from your computer.

If you are a little bit more adventurous, you can share a room in a hostel. The prices are normally low, and you can meet knew people.

There are so many different choices; it really depends on knowing what you want and just searching for it. For example, you can do couchsurfing, switch houses with someone, or simply camp.

You should always check the authenticity of the sites you visit. Taking care of things by distance and in a computer can be scary, or too exciting, but normally everything is fine.

Speaking a little English always helps too, when you don`t speak the native language. Ask for help to the young locals, they will normally speak it too.

What really matters is that it makes you happy.

Any excuse is good for travelling, you don`t really need an excuse at all.

We all need something more in our lives at one point, and travelling really helps.

It doesn`t matter if you`re going alone, for self discovering and meeting new people, if it is a romantic escape, or a great time with your family. It doesn`t matter if you are travelling 10 or 10.000 km, or how long it takes. As long as it makes you happy!

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