Zlatibor: Urban place for a break

January 1, 1970

by Andjela-jovanovic

If you are looking for an urban city break then this is definitely the best choice –  Zlatibor mountain. Urban settlement next Čajetina will delight you with its natural beauty. A place where you can come on a family holiday, get away from work, tension and commotion of the city, or perhaps on a romantic weekend, or if you belong to a group of teenage I would recommend you to go the summer period, when the Zlatibor is in full swing. The mountain is a crossroads of air currents from the Adriatic Sea and the Pannonian Plain. Tourism is very common throughout the year – sport, skiing, hunting, recreation, entertainment, etc …


When I go on Zlatibor I always stay in the same place – vila Domaći kutak. The villa is located 500m from the bus station,  also center, which is great if you go by bus because it will take you 10 minutes to the vila. It has 24 rooms,  parking for guests, Wi-fi, a restaurant with 100 seats, café with a beautiful terrace, sports field where you can play basketball, football, tennis, etc. If you pay full board, it’s very posible that you can go home with a couple of pounds more than you came. Food is more than excellent! Staff is very pleasant, always smiling. Big meals with local ingredients, will remind you of  grandmother’s kitchen. Rooms are spacious, double, triple and quadruple, there are duplex / two separate bedrooms / five beds, and can be seven to eight beds depending on the number of users. When I stayed the first time I knew that I would come back. If you are looking for a place where you will feel comfortable, at home, then the vila domaći kutak is right place for you.


You can’t live from Zlatibor without a stroll with your dear or family by the Zlatibor lake or how locals call it King’s water . Simply a breathtaking sight. The lake is located in the heart of Zlatibor, surrounded by various coffee shops and coniferous forest. Once upon a time,  the same lake was the bathing beach, know reliably  from stories my mother tells me,who learned to swim there. Now instead of a swimming, you can sit on the bench next to the lake and enjoy the beautiful view of the water that has a mirror effect. Rest for eyes. Also you can literally be on the water, if you rent paddle boat. Such a great thing to do. When is winter it’s usually freezes, and then is possible skating. It’s magical !

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Kraljevi konaci (Royal Residence) is an apartment complex located near the lake, fenced as a place for themselves. Komplex possesses beautiful nature, fountains, and apartments with 3 or 4 stars. Perfect for a family holiday.

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Also something you should not miss is a monument to the executed partisans -obelisk, located on Šumanotom hill, not far from the center, about 5km, just to take a walk and go beyond the fresh air. On the way there you will see the area that you absolutely must take pictures, so without a camera, do not go anywhere. Before entering on the hill you will see the house of Milenko Zablaćanski, deceased Serbian actor. When you reach the top you will see the ponies, horses, you’ll be able to drink something, if you go in winter, there is mulled wine. Be sure to look around and take a good summary of nature that surrounds you and record every moment, because you are  standing on the spot where they  buried partisans. Weald which stretches is unreal, forests, clouds, sky, can not be described in words, you need to experience.

At the center, near the lake, is a paradise for children, I’m not sure for parents. They can drive toy car on battery, jump on trampoline, toy train, etc.


Wherever you travel try to get to know the culture, customs and cuisine of this city. Zlatibor residents are very pleasant, so don’t  hesitate with any questions. The zlatibor cuisine is for me one of the heaviest and strong taste. My recommendations is definitely komplet lepinja (literal translation – set of bun). I I get hungry just thinking about it. For me, one of the better restaurants where you can taste real Zlatibor coisine is koliba kod Milunke (hut at Milunka). It is located below the hotel Braća Sekulić, below the bus station. Small, sweet little restaurant tucked away with a beautiful view of the meadow and pine forest, hit for an intimate lunch.


Coffee Shops

How is been building for years, still builds up, Zlatibor is full of coffee shops, pastry shops, with gardens, shopping centers, and some clubs. One of my favorite is Irish pub, suitable for lovers of pub. It is located between the entrance to the center and the lake. Good music, nice selection of beer, coffee, and at night in the bottom of the club is party.

If you’re more for a real experience of the lake, you have two coffee shops, which have a terrace on the lake. You will not mistake if you sit in any of the two. In both will have a view of the lake and center, fine music  and even after a treat. Make sure to try the pancakes.


When you go from the cafe on the lake to the center, on the left you will see a little cottage. This is the real domestic coffee restaurant, with superb design wooden chairs, plaid table cloth, pleasant atmosphere and very reasonable prices – Konoba. On weekends, at night you can go and listen to the old songs played on the tamburitza, and cheep beer. For me, a big plus.

Everywhere in the center are small shops that sales all kind of stuff. If you want some quick bite there’s burgers, waffle, pancake, some of them sell handmade clothes, paintings, etc. Another very interesting attraction is little market with all kind of souvenirs, rakia, honey…



Zlatibor is beautiful anytime of the year, but if you ask me, I would recommend that you go in may. It’s not very crowded and temeperature is just right.




By Andjela-jovanovic

Andjela Jovanovic is curious student of journalism. She loves to explore, express herself creatively, travel. Her expresses for the arts are by painting unique pieces of jewelry. Writes to illustrate other people part of her colorful view of the world.

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