Zagreb, Croatia -Town of great tradition

Zagreb as the capital of Croatia is one of the cities that has a great tradition. You will be convinced to see it and to get to know the city and to meet hospitality inhabitants and most of whom will say on a good English “welcome”.

Zagreb has a good connection with the big European cities. It’s easy to get there by plane, bus or train.

Cheap airline tickets offer some of the airline companies like Eurowings, Vueling, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Ryanair etc… It’s especially noticeable in the summer when many tourists come to visit Croatia, Zagreb and the beautiful Adriatic coast.


Accommodation in Zagreb

As the capital of Croatia, Zagreb has a lot of many accommodation facilities, including apartments, hotels, and hostels. Good idea is to book your desired accommodation via portals like, and similar but if you have not done so you can always find something when you arrive, and you will feel good. Note that then you may not be able to get the best price and the best location. Accommodation can be found at Airbnb also. Zagreb has over 300 rooms or apartments on Airbnb.

Which transportation to use in Zagreb?

The most used public transport is the tram. Since the city is not so big and the tram network covers almost most of the city. It’s easy to get from one side of the city to the other. The night tram lines are shrinking.

You can download a mobile application and rent a bike at company “Nextbike” and explore the city.

If you want to get a taxi, a few companies exist, like Ekotaxi, Taxi Zagreb, Cammeo, and Uber.


What should you see in Zagreb?

Zagreb is divided into the upper and the downtown, that is connected by the funicular and the promenade to the main square, Ban Josip Jelacic Square. Upper town has a great tradition dating back to the 13th century.

Stone Gate

If you are walking from the Square on Radiceva Street to the upper town the first thing you will see on the top is the famous Kamenita Vrata. The historic gateway is the only one preserved in a fortress that in the 13 century was a dangerous city and the fortress used to defend Gradec. Inside the gateway is a Chapel with the mystical picture of Mother of God with the child.

Church of Saint Marko

This church is one of the oldest parish churches from the 13th century. On the picturesque roof, you can see the coat of arms of Croatia, Slavonia, Dalmatia and the city of Zagreb. Church of Sv. Marko is an indispensable part of the sights in Zagreb, decorated with numerous statues and frescoes. The church is located on the same square Saint Marko. On the south side of the square is the Museum of Naive Art and the Old Town Hall.


Church of Saint Marko


Banski dvori

Close to the church of Saint Marko is located Banski dvori, now the seat of the Croatian Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Croatia. On the Square in front of the Banski dvori the guard shift every Saturday and holidays are traditionally held in the period from May to October.


Lotrscak Tower

Formerly one of the defensive facilities, today a place where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the entire city. From the same tower, you can hear the shoot of Gricki top, every day at noon which is being recorded at the same time for more than 100 years. Near Lotrscak Tower there is a funicular that goes to the lower part of the town.  

Kaptol and Zagreb Cathedral

Kaptol is a historical tradition settlement, church center where is located a Franciscan monastery with a baroque church, and the most impressive sacral building is Zagreb Cathedral that you definitely need to visit. Neogothic Cathedral with two bell towers high over 105m.  

Zagreb Cathedral



The most popular Zagreb market is Dolac what you must visit. The marketplace is famous with the red umbrellas under which you can buy original Croatian food, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and everything that is grown in Croatia and handmade souvenirs.


Red umbrellas at a flower market



From the upper town, you will come to the Ban Josip Jelacic Square and also the main square of the city. One of the traditional streets is a very old Tkalciceva Street. Domestic resident calls it “soul of old Zagreb”. Today it is a very popular tourist street with many international restaurants and excellent cafes. It is wonderful to walk through the street because there will be a lot of tourists from all over the world.


Ban Josip Jelacic Square


In downtown, I recommend visiting Croatian National Theater, the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Mimara Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the famous Museum of Broken Relationships, the Illusion Museum, the very interesting Technical Museum, Art Pavilion located near Botanical Garden. In Botanical Garden you will rest your soul but also enjoy the beautiful trees, plants, and flowers.

Don’t miss to visit the Maksimir Park, where is located the Zagreb Zoo. The Park is rich with flora and fauna, and it has over a hundred species of birds. In this beautiful nature, you will always feel good. There are 5 lakes and 7 streams run through the Park, and several building such as Vidikovac, Chapel of St. Juraj, Pavilion of Echo.

After a walk in the Park visit restaurant Maksimir located in the Park where you can drink coffee, juice, tea or take something to eat. Be sure to look at their “tradition tourist menu”.


Where to eat in Zagreb?

When you go out and see the city you will certainly notice a lot of cafes where people drink coffee or some other drinks. In Croatia, it is a tradition of gathering in cafes, drinking coffee and having fun, and it does not matter if it is a working day or a weekend. Cafes are mostly full of guests. If you are walking on Tkalciceva Street I definitely recommend the restaurant Nokturno. Nokturno is located in a small street leading from Tkalciceva to the Dolac.

They serve various types of pasta, rice, salad, meat delicacies, and pizza. Food is great and the price is favorable.

By the way, in Tkalciceva Street you will find a variety of international restaurants. I can recommend also a “Curry Bowl” restaurant that offers Sri Lankan cuisine. The food is prepared directly in front of the guests, and if you have not tried Sri Lanka dishes, I recommend it.

Near the Zrinjevac Park, in Andrije Hebranga Street is a restaurant “Pirates Karaka” where they serving Mexican food. The food is very tasty, the service is great.


Zagreb lives at night

Every host will recommend some of the nightclubs. One of this is Boogaloo, then Vintage Industrial Bar and Opera Club with the best parties in town. I did not mention Lake Jarun, one of the nicely landscaped lakes but swimming is not allowed. However, there is a rich nightlife on the lake, there are plenty of clubs, and I leave it to you to explore it.

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