Wonderful Places to Visit in the Philippines

by Jello Laganson

Sunday, June 19, 2016

There are a lot of places to visit in the Philippines. The list on this article will contain some of those less popular locations but definitely a must visit for everyone looking for new places to visit.

Pagudpud’s Blue Lagoon


This place in Ilocos is considered as the Secret Beach of the Ilocos due to its beauty, but still unknown to many. When you visit the place, there is an area (overlooking peak) where you can see its wonder even prior to reaching the destination. One of the first things I immediately noticed in the place is its cleanliness. It is a big plus when the place is clean since more tourist destinations are not anymore maintained properly and experience big problem with garbages and overall cleanliness of the place. I felt like I was in a different country. When you visit here, among your options for a resort to stay is Hannah Resort. You’ll certainly enjoy a lot of water activities at the Blue Lagoon surfing, jet skiing, banana boat riding and a lot more.

Kabigan Falls

From the national highway, you have to trek around 1.8 kilometers prior to reaching the falls. The best thing I observed in the place is everything was kept natural. During my visit to other destinations, I am somehow saddened on different constructions being done at these places. It eliminates the natural beauty of the area. So I prefer that everything is left as what was designed by nature. I have been to a lot of falls in the Philippines and I could say that the water here is one of the clearest. Of course, when you see this kind of water, you definitely could not stop yourself from diving. We spent a lot of time here and I really enjoyed the water. Some of my friends who were with me complained about the long walk going to and when leaving the falls, but it’s never a problem with me since I love trekking.

Davao: Island Hopping

Our first destination was Coral Garden which started at Sta. Ana. Warf Davao City. It’s definitely a great place to enjoy the sea. When we arrived, I immediately grabbed my snorkel and life vest then went for a dive. I love spending time on the sea and watching the beauty beneath it.  Next destination was Angel’s Cove. Upon arriving at this spot, all I wanted to do is relax. I told myself that every time I experience a very stressful week, I would go here to relax and unwind. The environment is very relaxing. You’ll understand what I am saying when you visit the place yourself. It is not that deep so it’s best for those who have underwater cameras. If snorkeling is your thing, then you should be here and document your activity with your underwater camera. Next stop is at the Babusanta Resort. For those who are planning to try Island hopping, this is best enjoyed with family and friends. If you are with friends, the more people will make the individual expense smaller compared to when there are only a few of you.

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Calaguas Island

The beaches in the Caluguas Island are now very popular to a lot of people. What I like about this place is it does not have too many infrastructures nearby. When you come to this place, it is best to bring your own tent instead of renting the available nipa huts. It’s certainly one of the best places to be away from the city since there is no electricity and signal. You’ll definitely be blown away by the crystal clear water. I did not hesitate to enjoy the waters there right after arriving. If you are from Manila, you can go for a bus ride to Daet, Camarines Norte. From Daet, ride a jeep doing to Vinzons at the port. From the port, ride a boat to Calaguas. Though the trip takes a long time, you’ll definitely not regret going to this place.



A lot of people would certainly agree that Bohol is an awesome place to explore. When people hear about this place, they would immediately think about tarsiers and chocolate hills. But certainly, there are more that Bohol could offer to travelers. Aside from the nice people here, I also love the stunning sceneries and lovely beaches. This place is just a ferry ride from Cebu City.  The first place we visited when we went here is the Tarsier Sanctuary. A Tarsier is a small species of monkey and it lives in the trees. It could also be found in Indonesia and Malaysia. Since they are nocturnal, most of them are asleep or resting during our visit. If you see them as a cute creature on pictures, you’ll adore them more in person.

Our next destination was Chocolate Hills. It got its name due to its brown chocolaty color. However, on our visit, it was not brown but green. All I could say is that from where we are standing, it was certainly a great view. Another place that you should not miss in Bohol is the Loboc Eco Adventure Park where ziplining is also available. If you goal is to see the Loboc River from above, try the Loboc Zipline. Aside from ziplining is fun, the view from above is just astonishing. You’ll have a clear and unique view of the river.

We also tried the Loboc River Cruise. You could hire a boat from private operators to have your own trip. Or you could go for the one offered by the Loboc River Resort which includes a lunch buffet.

by Jello Laganson

by Jello Laganson

Sunday, June 19, 2016

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