Winter Wonderland: South of Germany

Winter Season in Oberstdorf

Snowy Oberstdorf

Winter ist bald da! (Winter is almost here!)

  It is no doubt that Winter in Europe is one of the most beautiful Winters in the world. Imagine old Castles and medieval Towns covered with snow, it is simply gorgeous in our eyes. Every corner of every city has its own beauty, like a candy to your eyes. I spent 25 years of my life in the sunny Philippines. I was one of those girls who dreamt of seeing snow, play snowballs, do snow angels and even try to know the taste of snow (trust me I tried it hahaha). Then suddenly I left home, flew thousands of miles away and landed in the beautiful country of Germany, where Winter is inevitable. I couldn't contain the happiness in my heart when I witnessed the first-ever snowfall of my life! As if everything was in a slow-motion. It was indeed loved at first sight.  


  I live in the south of Germany, in the region of Bavaria, where during Winter it is the most beautiful place to be (for me though). The name of the town where I live (Dorf, in the German language) is Oberstdorf, it is popular in Germany both Summer and Winter, but most especially during Winter season because of ski-jumping competition.  In fact, it is not just known in Germany but also in the entire world of winter games. World known ski-jumpers and snowboarders come here to compete or even just to have winter vacation.  It is in the south-west of Germany, and Austria is just 5 minutes travel by car or bus.   

How to get to Oberstdorf from Munich

  From Munich, you could take a direct train to Oberstdorf, which takes around 2 hrs and 40 minutes. You will never miss the train station in Oberstdorf because it is the last stop. But please double check your train schedule because there are also trains, where you need to transfer once or twice. Better to be sure!  

Where to stay

  In this town, Holiday Apartments (Ferienwohnungen) would be the best choice to stay. It might be a bit pricey but if you book ahead of time, you might get a discount. There are lots of websites where you could book a Ferienwohnung, either you want it direct here in Oberstdorf or in the nearby towns. Nearby towns like Langenwang, Fischen, and Sonthofen caters Ferienwohnungen to tourists for a much cheaper price compared to the one directly in Oberstdorf. You just need to travel by train and bus, which is also no problem because they are always available.  

What to do in Oberstdorf

  This little Bavarian town is popular the whole year round in Germany. During Summer, tourists come here to do hiking, paragliding, or just simply drinking coffee and enjoying the view. Since Oberstdorf is popular during winter for Skiing, Ski-jumping and Snowboarding, there are Ski schools if you want to have a day course, which you should really do.  You could take the course alone or with a group.  I once inquired for a Ski course for a group of 4 people costs almost 160 euro and extra 20euro for extra person. Inclusive to that package would be ski equipment and a personal trainer for 4 hours. If you are doing a solo trip you could join the public group for a lesser price but the trainer would be catering lots of people in the group since it is a public group.  After skiing you could also just go on top of the mountain using cable cars (Seilbahn) and have a good, warm cup of coffee with the marvelous overlooking view, which would be the Alps between Germany and Austria, isn't that cool? If you are a cheese lover, Oberstdorf is also the place to be. They have lots of varieties of good cheese, which the locals are very proud of! You might even be coming back to Oberstdorf because of the cheese.  

What to expect when in Oberstdorf

  Just for another insider-tip, this little Bavarian town is also a bit costly-as expected because it is always full of tourists, whole year round.But you will never regret once you've come here during Winter, it is absolutely worth every euro. People here are charming and friendly, they are also very helpful. So don’t be shy when you need help about tourists stuff. Not all but most of the shops here accept cards as payment, so you don’t need to worry. Oberstdorf is also popular as the perfect retirement place for older people. The view her is relaxing, it is far from traffic and noise like in the city. Here people could really relax and enjoy every single bit of life. So if you come to Oberstdorf, you will mostly see people who are in their golden age. But you will immediately see that they are contented and happy living here. They are also very warm and loving people, also another thing I like the most about this little town.  

 Other Tourists Spots near Oberstdorf

  Are you a Disney fan? If yes, then you are in luck! The Sleeping Beauty Castle or named Neuschwanstein Schloss in real life is just 45mins – 1 Hour away from Oberstdorf with Bus. Well if you are not a fan of Disney, it’s still a good idea to know the history of the home of late King Ludwig II, plus it is one of the most popular castles in Europe.   It could also accessible with the train but I would not recommend it because you need to do lots of transfer with the train and in the end, you still need to take the bus towards the castle from the last train station. So Bus is the less hassle Option. And why not visit München / Munich, the capital of Bavaria Region. It is home to the famous BMW Welt, Marienplatz, English Garden and Oktoberfest during September. You will surely fall in love with the unique beauty of this city. It has a lot to offer both to locals and tourists.

Marienplatz in Munich


Famous German Beer


Neuschwanstein Castle

  View from Neuschwanstein Castle  

Hope to see you all here next Winter! (Auf Wiedersehen!)



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