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January 1, 1970

by Alexandra Kubata

Never heard of Linz, the Upper Austrian capital city? You are missing out on something, let me tell you that. See why and start planning your next trip to Austria:

Getting there and around in Linz

Linz has its own airport, located a bit outside of the city centre, but reachable by public bus. Due to the reason, there are not many connections to the small airport, there is a direct train from the Vienna airport to the Linz main railway station.

If you arrive by train at Linz Hauptbahnhof, you are already in the middle of the city and to get to your hotel, either a cab or public transport are the easiest.

Public transport of Linz AG

The public transport in Linz includes trams and busses. You can get almost everywhere with them and do not need to hire a car. Public transport tickets you can get for 1€ for one way up to 4€ for a 24h ticket, which can be used on both, busses and tram. Quite a bargain, right?

Niebelungenbrücke at night

The famous Niebelungenbrücke at night [Photo: tuku / Pixabay.com]

Best Hotels in Linz

When it comes to accommodation you a have a few options. Here is a list of well-located hotels:

  • Dom Hotel Linz (pricy)
  • Courtyard Linz (pricy)
  • Hotel Kleinmünchen (affordable)
  • Arcotel (affordable)
  • Park Inn by Radisson (pricy)
  • Hotel Schwarzer Bär (pricy)
  • City Hotel Linz (affordable)
  • Hotel Kolping (affordable)

When you are searching for the Austrian hostel experience, you might consider the Jugengästehaus Linz, which is by now the only real hostel in Linz.

For the camping fans, there are many lakes around the city, including beautiful and fully equipped campsites for the real nature experience.

You might also consider checking out Airbnb and rent private rooms or flats. Linz has a pretty decent range of offers on there and it is a great way to meet locals and get more unique tips on the city.

Linz Old Town

The Old Town of Linz [Photo: MAKY_OREL / Pixabay.com]

Must see and do in Linz

Linz has a lot to offer, you will not get bored, no matter the weather. Museums, easy hiking trails, … Let’s start!

Must do activities

First of all, you need to participate in the Höhenrausch, where you walk on wooden pathways around the roofs of Linz. It is an outdoor museum on the roofs and the theme changes every year. Attention: For safety reasons, it is only opened in the summer months!

A wooden building on top of the roofs of Linz

The wooden building of Höhenrausch [Photo: Smaragd / Pixabay.com]

If you are on the Main Square, maybe enjoying an ice cream, you might stumble across a small yellow train. Buy a cheap ticket and hop on! It takes you around the city centre and the Old Town. It’s fun and not only for kids.

The Mainsquare Linz from above

The Linzer Main Square featuring the yellow train [Photo: LudmilaUjezd / Pixabay.com]

Do a Segway tour around Linz! Ever been on one? If not, you have to try, it is so much fun, especially with a group of friends.

When you are walking down the Landstraße, you might consider going shopping. You can find clothes, interior, food, etc. Maybe some souvenirs for the loved ones at home.

On the main square, you can take the old tram, the Pöstlingbergbahn, which takes you up the hill to see the famous Pöstlingbergkirche, a pretty church. Additionally, you have a great few from the top.


The church Pöstlingbergkirche

The Pöstlingbergkriche in black and white [Photo: Zonc_Photos / Pixabay.com]

Must see things

The most of Linz you actually see if you get off the tram at Goethekreuzung and walk right into the city on the Landstraße until you are at the main square. From there you also see the Niebelungenbrücke, the bridge, and on the right of it the Lentos museum, as well as the Ars Electronica museum right across the river Donau.


Linz offers a wide range of different museums, the most popular are listed here:

  • Nordico
  • Ars Electronica (modern, a lot to try, great for kids)
  • Schlossmuseum (History)
  • Cowboy Museum (outside the city centre, very authentic)
  • Lentos (Art)

The museum Ars Electronica by night

The Ars Electronica by night [Photo: Redschi / Pixabay.com]

Last but not least, do not miss out on the Mariendom, the big and famous church of Linz, a lookalike to the Stephansdom in Vienna.


Parts of the Mariendom [Photo: haderer17 / Pixabay.com]

Recommended spots to Eat in Linz

Now it is time for some food. Austria has a lot of famous dishes you can get in the typical local restaurants you can find everywhere across the city. They are called Wirtshäuser and there you can try the taste of Austria.

A very famous dessert for not Austria, but Linz in specific, is the Linzer Torte, a cake with jam. Delicious I tell you! You can buy them to go or eat at the cafe with a cup of tea or coffee.

Here is a list of some cool restaurants and cafes:

  • Sandburg (a bar/cafe on the “beach” at the river, awesome atmosphere)
  • Nom Nom (Smoothie Bowls for breakfast)
  • TicTak (Best breakfast in the cutest cafe in town, but also a lunch and dinner menu)
  • EisGreissler (Regional ice cream, very special types)
  • Zaffran (Best Indian place in Linz, not too spicy)
  • Josef (good location and local food, great atmosphere)

Typical Austrian dish in a restaurant

Typical Austrian dish [Photo: 2211438 / Pixabay.com]

Top destinations in Austria around Linz

Starting from Linz it is fairly easy to see other nice places in Austria too.

For example, the Westbahn, a local train operator, takes you from Linz to Vienna, stopping in a few smaller towns in Lower Austria, and also from Linz to Salzburg, stopping in Attnang Puchheim, a great town on the countryside.

Furthermore, cheap buses go from Linz to Graz in Styria. Most depart from the main railway station in Linz.

Train crossing a bridge in Austria

Trains in Austria a pretty reliable. [Photo: 12019 / Pixabay.com]

Come and visit!

Already planning your next trip to Austria? I hope you have time to visit Linz and explore the city. Safe travels and see you there!


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