Why visit Emilia Romagna

When you decide to come to Emilia Romagna you need to think that you arrive in a land with a lot of myths and legends, the only effort you have to make is to be able to observe, listen and understand that the wealth you will find here, you will hardly find it in other lands. From my side, I can tell you that here there is a very good staff that, for a too long time, has been covered by other Italians cities and now it is time to be discovered and shine. Following you will read some aspect that you should know about my land, please to consider that as a training to appreciate, in the best way, products and services you will find.

Quick Tip

Before starting to visit Emilia Romagna I want to give you one tip to understand this region: here life is divided between Sacred and Profane. The first characteristic is given to the history of the Christian influence that this land has, while the second is a distant legacy of the French and has entered strongly in our DNA; a clarification is a must, here Sacred and Profane coexist because without one the other cannot exist and I believe that the Emilia-Romagna people know how to manage the compromise with extreme capacity, and you will notice in our daily lifestyle.

3 Recommended things to know about Emilia Romagna

Here every little thing could become a jewel with enormous value and from the past to the present we collect a lot of traditions that are still covered by the secret, let’s proceed with some interesting topics to know about Emilia Romagna.

The importance of Hands

Everybody knows how important are the hands for Italians and here you can have a lot of example of how we used for; from the dirty ones of a farmer who patiently cultivates a land that produces products (Parmigiano-Reggiano) among the most precious and known in the world, those who wrote poetry, stories and songs enriching the literary landscape with events of the humble countryside life and small colored villages of an almost enlightened fantasy, there are hands that have directed orchestras for the first time in New York and with the same punished musicians to achieve perfection, there are hands of artisans who transform materials like Ceramics or Fabrics in sublime object and dress showing all the creative skills typical of this country, finally there are hands that have contributed to the art world with their naive and eclectic visions.

Hands work ceramic

The art of Music

We boast voices (Pavarotti) that have been heard by the whole world and as much as they have vibrated their vocal cords in the same way they have made the heart vibrate and come to the goosebumps. A recurring aspect in this region is the genuineness with which we grow, we are immediately explained how important are the game and the freedom to dream, that without friendship you can never have a quality life and that a woman can never make it unless, or maybe not; all this goes through songs as one of the most recognized arts of the entire peninsula.

Music in the street

The brilliant Minds

In Emilia-Romagna we can list numerous companies that have significantly influenced the entire industrial sector, both in Italy and in the world, maybe it is no coincidence that at certain levels we still scare hypothetical competitors and in history the pioneering aspect in many sectors will remain unquestioned; of Minds it is obligatory to talk about it also at the academic level, because here the first university was born and this underlines how much desire to know and to hand down has always been there. Dreaming is a practice that grows tending to lose, but here instead it seems that dreaming is a constant that led to creating, for example, objects recognizable only by the noise of their engines (Ferrari).

Museo Ferrari – Maranello

Top thing to do in Emilia Romagna

I do not pretend to be understood, but I have the humble intention to convey the vision I have of the best land I know and why one should visit it at least once in life. At the base of a journey in any place, there must always be the desire to discover every aspect of the new world, in the case of the Emilia Romagna region there are many aspects that will make you fall in love with this land, from the best known to the most unexpected ones.

Discover the Food

Let’s start from the Kitchen and how humble and peasant traditions have become among the best kitchens in the world: Lose yourself to taste cured meat between the duchies of Parma and Piacenza as the Culatello, continue to discover cheeses such as Parmigiano-Reggiano in the province of Reggio Emilia, smell the scent of a fresh slice of Mortadella or Ragù Bolognese just done, allow yourself to a Piadina on the beach and be intrepid with the fried Eel of Comacchio, but at the end of this long ride, stop to sip a glass of red Champagne: Lambrusco.

Glass of Lambrusco

Discover the Nature

Let’s talk about Nature and Sport: here the landscape does not lack any element and you can find ancient Walkways, modern cycle paths that line the river Po, very important is the Park ‘Delta del Po’ which is today Unesco heritage for its prestigious characteristics of Mab Biosphere in the world, Ski Slopes in winter which in summer become paths for trekking with beautiful views of the Apennines, but in case of fatigue here you will find very well equipped Spa ready to pamper you.

River Po

Discover the Culture

Let’s move on to describe the Cultural part of the region: One of the most fascinating things that you will find here are the many historic palaces and ancient homes of the richest families that made this land one of the most breathtaking; I recommend visiting the Ducal Palace of Sassuolo, but every center like Modena, Bologna or Rimini will deserve your time, another dispassionate advice is a ride to the Rocchetta Mattei that will leave you speechless for the mix of arts that brings within its walls. You will find a thousand museums to visit, but what I recommend to visit are the streets, the markets and the squares that show real life and those that were the background of those who were so enlightened by writing stories and movies about this people.

Rocchetta Mattei

I have no pretense that my words have a clear meaning for everyone, there are things that are explained with difficulty and that perhaps explain is useless; my intent is to humbly try to explain how much wealth there is in Emilia Romagna from its products to its lifestyle and why it’s worth discovering it.

So what are you still doing at home? We are waiting for you


Marella Alcorini

For the series, I write it and I play it alone, that’s who I am … Name: MARELLA Age: ENOUGH Provenance: WORLD Passions: MUSIC – BEAUTY – EMILIA ROMAGNA Passion is what has pushed me today to take the road of tourism in this region, but to get there my path has not been completely linear; At 18 I decided to move from the Bassa Reggiana to get to the Riviera and see the other side of the coin and with the excuse, I do 3 years of University in Economics of markets and tourism systems; After that I think, after taking a step away from home the only obvious thing to do is continue walking towards the World, and here I come to Belgium, Brussels where I work for a year to attend the ULB, specifically the course of Economic Sciences, meanwhile I live in a wonderful and international city. Back home after a year I understand that studying in academic style is no longer for me, I continue to do seasons in Hospitality, a sector that I have never abandoned, even today, between Greece and Sardinia; One day Mickey’s call arrives and like many others who had already left, I leave for a total of 2 ½ years in wet Florida as an Italian Ambassador. In the middle, there are more seasons in Rimini, a hit and run in Egypt, Tour leader for study holidays in the UK and winter in the fantastic Bologna as a secretary. In short, 10 years of movement and reflections that have led me to understand the value of my region and my beautiful country, in fact, 5 years ago I decided that I would have been a tour leader and so I try to get the license, Done! Then not satisfied I also take the qualification as Technical Director for Travel Agencies. A phrase that I often repeat to myself is: ‘Try to be a person who makes a difference’, so there’s still a lot of work to do …