Why Should You Go to the South of Denmark?

Why You Should Go to the South of Denmark?

I will give you some reasons now

Recently I went to a walk to Denmark, and I need to say, that was a good and surprising trip, I was in this city it is called Sønderborg, beautiful place by the way, and I was impressed, because it was just 24km from the border with Germany and it was a beautiful and unknown new world, the architecture was very rustic in a charming way, all over the city you could find small streets that became even smaller until the moment that all of that just became a big puzzle and then probably you will find the north sea; here I´ll tell you why you should know this place.

Dybbøl Mill Windmill

The city has some interesting tourist spots, the first one that I recommend it is the Dybbøl Mill Windmill (there is a nice history behind), it is a very nice historic spot that you can see on the road in your way to Sonderborg, the place is something about 10km before the center of Sonderborg, to stop at this spot and to feel the North Wind in your direction, this is the beginning of the adventure.

Sønderborg Slot

Ready at the center of Sonderborg, other nice place to visit it is the Sønderborg Slot, that is a castle built in 1158, that nowadays it is a museum, it worths the tour around; the built is by the side of the sea, with a beautiful view of the town bridge.
Before you cross the bridge, if you are an architecture lover, you must go to the Alsion concert hall, it has a futuristic architectural structure outside and a wonderful acoustic inside. To go to a concert there is an experience.

After you walk around the city, I advise you to go to this charming small breakfast place it is called Fika Café –, you won’t be disappointed about it–, If I could I would be here writing about, but the most important is already here. I’m going to give you a piece of advice if you can go by car; downtown you don’t need one, but if you really want to explore the city and the around, a car is useful.


After Sonderborg, you have to go Nordborg, it is just a few kilometers from there, and when you arrive there you will probably think that you are where the world ends (in a good way); to drive on that roads among Oksbolvej highway that looks like the Irish roads (but in Denmark) in the middle of nothing, but in the same time in the middle of everything it is an experience, good one but the way.

When you arrive at Nordborg there is this hotel it is called Hotel 6400, located in Solglimt 6, 6400, where people get married, if you are a romantic, go there to see that, I need to say, that was really interesting for me, maybe it could interesting for you too! If I could make a comparison with some other place, I would say that is the European version of Vegas, but much more beautiful, peaceful, and without an Elvis; to see that couples getting married will make your heart full of love. Imagine you, in the middle of this cold country, surrounded by fields full of green, it is just beautiful. It is just love. If you can, go to this hotel, you don’t have to stay there but go to have a drink at the bar and watch the magic happening, it is really beautiful, for real.

If you want to find a place to find yourself, I dare to say to you that is a good place indeed; to walk in the middle of this country should give you the freedom that most of the people will never find in their lives. Now, try to close your eyes, can you feel the Wind? Now, try to go deeper, can you smell the salt? Listen to this, yes it is the sound of the ocean, far away, but you know it is there somewhere.

But if you are the kind of tourist person, I would say that you must go to the Jollmands Guard that is a place, more specifically it is a farm that it tells the history of the Danish farming, beautiful experience. And if you like family adventures, there is this park it is called Universe, that is a museum too; there you can make the challenges and to learn loads of things about physics and nature in a general way, it is a complete experience.

The Relevance of this place

Another good thing about this little city and this country it is not just the place, but also the people, just like that, all of the Danish people are pretty receptive, really educated, nice, pleasant, and all of them are impressively well dress, and more, in a crazy way all the people speak at list five fluent different languages. Yeah, I’m still impressed with that. I have a word for the Danish people: Special. It is a Special people with a magic country.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, a car is really useful to discover the around of the city; at some point of this trip that I made, I found myself driving in this road it is called Lonsomadevej, and it was nothing around me, but fields, the road wasn’t big, actually it was really small, and I thought that in some point it would just finish and indeed happened but with an amazing surprise, the road finished where the sea started, the place is a little beautiful and charming beach, it was amazing. And at this moment, I say to you: That’s why you should go to this part of Denmark.

Ones someone told me that when you see something really big you will feel small, walking throw that fields I felt this way. Denmark is a special country with magic things, amazing locations, and beautiful people. If you can, go there at list ones in your life.

Places mentioned in the text

Sønderborg Slot – Sønderbro 1, 6400 Sønderborg, DENMARK
Oksbolvej highway – Access by Nordborgvej
Jollmands Gaard – Moellegade 15, Nordborg, Soenderborg 6430, Denmark
The way to Nordborg North Sea – Access by Mollegade Highway and then by Lonsomadevej
Hotel 6400 – located in Solglimt 6, 6400
Universe Park – Mads Patent Vej 1 | Nordborg, Soenderborg, DENMARK
Fika Café – Kastanie Allé 2, 6400 Sønderborg, DENMARK
Alsion 2, Soenderborg 6400, DENMARK

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