Why Milan? 5 good reasons to visit Italy's most fashionable city

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Milan

If you're planning a trip to Italy, there is no way you can't include Milan in your list. Despite being famous mainly for fashion and business (which are nothing but good reasons to be remembered, but still…), Milan is filled with art, history and just generally with places worth visiting. Oh, and amazing food. In fact, I am sure I might as well convince you to book your flight and hotel room right after reading this article. So, here are five good reasons why you shouldn't miss your chance to visit Milan.

Reason 1: It's full of art, everywhere

duomo Picture by Where Milan magazine, © Where Italia Srl Milan might be slightly different from other Italian cities like Florence or Rome if we're talking art, but it does have its own number of amazing monuments and art galleries. First of all, we have to mention the city's very own symbol, the Duomo cathedral. The church, dedicated to St Mary of the Nativity, is representative of the Italian Gothic style and took almost six centuries to be completed. Actually, they never really stopped renovating it through the years, and that originated a very popular common saying, that indicates someone being extra slow at doing something. If you make your reservation on time, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Alps and the entire city from the cathedral's roof. Milan also houses one of the most amazing art galleries in Italy, called Pinacoteca di Brera. Situated in the heart of the city, it includes over 500 masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance, mainly by Raphael, Piero Della Francesca, Caravaggio, Mantegna, and Tintoretto. Brera Art Gallery also contains a small 20th-century section, with works by De Chirico and Modigliani. pinacoteca-di-brera-mantegna   When describing Milan's treasures, it is impossible not to bring up Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, located inside of a convent named Santa Maria Delle Grazie. Due to the technique used and to war-related damage, very little of the original painting still remains to this day. For that reason, only a small amount of people is let inside every day, which creates a long waiting list that requires tourists to book their visit in advance.

Leonardo da Vinci's the Last Supper

It's unthinkable to touch on every single sight to see in Milan, but I believe you'll have more fun discovering them yourself!

Reason 2. The food is unbelievable

67029-1 Italy is known overseas as the land of great food, and it is for a reason. Everywhere you go in the country, you're going to find delicious cuisine and wine. Oh, about that, if you're a wine-lover, Milan offers a great variety of wine houses where you can also taste amazing food along with your drink. As a metropolitan city worthy of its name, Milan provides a wide range of restaurants, so you'll be able to find whatever type of cuisine you'd like. Whether you're looking for fresh handmade pasta, meat, fresh seafood or vegetarian/vegan food, you're going to find a place that will meet your needs. If I may suggest, though, if you come from anywhere outside of Italy, do yourself a favor and try true Italian pizza. You're not going to regret it, it's a promise.

Reason 3: Milan's nightlife will give you life

download (1) People in Milan do know how to party, and that's a fact. No matter what your idea of nightlife is, you are going to find an area in Milan that satisfies your Saturday night needs. If you like quiet, small restaurants and a nice stroll under the stars, you're going to love Brera (where the Pinacoteca is) by night. If you're looking for a cool club, the whole Corso Como area near the new modern district of Porta Nuova is perfect for you. The beating heart of Milan's nightlife, though, is all around the Navigli, where you'll find excellent cocktail bars and pubs. This particular area is famous for a typical Saturday night habit in Milan, called “Aperitivo”, in which every bar offers you a variety of different types of food along with your cocktail. It's basically a fun way of having a light dinner and a drink, without having to pay lots of money to go to a restaurant. For that reason, the Navigli district tends to be pretty crowded on the weekends, but if you like being surrounded by lots of people, then it's absolutely perfect. If you book a nice hotel that's near the city center, you can walk to any of these places, no need to call a cab!

Reason 4. It's modern and efficient


Even if you weren't lucky enough to find a place to stay right under the Duomo cathedral, that's okay. As I said, Milan is a metropolitan city, right? It has a fast, modernized and extremely valuable underground. There are four lines, divided by color, that will take you basically anywhere you wish. Also, if you're a contemporary architecture enthusiast, you're going to love the fresh, cutting-edge look of Porta Nuova, Milan's skyscraper district. This area includes the Bosco Verticale tower, awarded by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat as “Best Architecture in the World” in 2015. Try going at sunset time, you'll be amazed at how it looks, and you'll be able to take great pictures!  

Reason 5. It has beautiful green areas

Parco-Sempione-Milano-60728-1 Even if it is Italy's symbol of modernization and business, Milan still gives you the opportunity to take a breath in its many gardens. The city's largest park, called Parco Sempione, is located right in between the cathedral and Brera district. At its gates, you'll find another historic sight, the ancient Sforza Castle, which houses an Egyptian museum and the Art Library, as well as one of Michelangelo's masterpieces, called “Pietà Rondanini”. The huge garden also includes Palazzo Della Triennale, a modern organization which curates numerous art exhibits and cultural events. If you want to discover a place that perfectly combines Italy's cultural tradition with what's new and up-to-date, then you're ready for an amazing experience in one of Europe's most incredible cities. You are ready for Milan.


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